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What Makes a Genshin Killer?

What Makes a Genshin Killer?

    Last Updated on April 21, 2023

What do you have to consider to become a Genshin Killer? As many know, Genshin Impact is a blockbuster game that MiHoYo released in 2020. This open-world action-adventure RPG still hosts a steady stream of new players until this day. It also has continued updates, expanding world, and an active fanbase. Genshin Impact remains a household name with its massive fame. Other game developers can’t help but break down its recipe for success.

The term “Genshin Killer” refers to a video game that might be a competitor to Genshin Impact. Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just flashy anime characters and an addictive gacha system to be a Genshin Killer.

To become a Genshin Killer, a video game must offer similar or superior gameplay and graphics in comparison to Genshin Impact. Of course, while offering a unique story and character designs. The open-world design is a must to fit the criteria of a killer, like Genshin Impact. 

A Genshin Killer should offer a vast and immersive open-world environment for players to explore. One of the aspects that enthrall players is the massive world to explore in different possible ways. Whether it be flying to a zone to unlock or freezing the water below your feet to cross the ocean. Open-world games are more than just a huge map you can run around in.

Many players are in it for the engaging story. Keeping players invested in the narrative of the game is essential. It should have interesting characters and plot twists to keep players hooked. I think it’s a good story that keeps players entertained from the ‘kill this’ and ‘collect that’ quests. After all, with each completed mission, you get to see characters develop and the plots thicken.

A Genshin Killer Brings More to the Table

As I said, it’s more than just anime aesthetics. Genshin Impact offers one of the most impressive graphics from a free online game. High-quality graphics and visual effects are necessary for creating an immersive game world and enhancing player experience – while being kind to various frame rates and devices players prefer.

I’m sure we’ve seen memes with Genshin Impact running on a smartwatch or other niche devices that you wouldn’t think could run a game. Honestly, no one has fully understood this cross-platform sorcery.

Unique and innovative gameplay mechanics that set the game apart from Genshin Impact could be a game-changer. It could be anything from combat mechanics to character customization options, this is probably what most developers will focus on. Developers would rather quit than be a Genshin Clone and I think they will focus on setting themselves apart with refreshing gameplay and mechanics. 

Genshin Killer Blue Protocol Gameplay

Lastly, multiplayer options are a must. You can always play Genshin Impact alone, but it’s so much more fun with friends. Genshin Impact’s multiplayer feature is one of its most popular aspects. Any potential Genshin Killer should offer a similar or better multiplayer experience to keep players engaged.

You could do so much more with other players from defeating difficult bosses you couldn’t beat alone to just strumming together with your lyres in your Serenitea Pot. The multiplayer aspects from up-and-coming games could still offer what Genshin Impact is missing.

2023 Is Full of New Games

The year 2023 is probably the year of Genshin Killers. Bandai Namco and Amazon Games have formed a tag team in the form of the upcoming Blue Protocol. Kuro Games’ Wuthering Waves combat also looks like so much fun from in-game footage. Lastly, Seven Deadly Sins: Origin could surpass our expectations because of Netmarble F&C, which also developed Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

With that said, Genshin Impact is a tough opponent as it is technically a pioneer of its unique genre. Ultimately, to be a Genshin Killer, a game needs to offer a fresh and exciting experience that can compete with Genshin Impact’s quality and popularity. No matter what Genshin Killer is in trend these days, it’s great that there is various content offered to players who grew up with Genshin Impact and are looking for games similar to it.

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