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What is the Most Popular Pokémon According to Fans

What is the Most Popular Pokémon According to Fans

    Last Updated on May 19, 2023

While there are over 1000 Pokemon to choose from, there is no doubt that only a select few are Popular Pokémon. If you think of an iconic Pokemon, there are multiple options to choose from. From Pikachu as the game’s mascot to the iconic starter Pokemon from Generation I, there are multiple fan favorites out there.

However, the goal of this article is to find out the one true fan-favorite monster. All of us have biases and favorites when it comes to Pokemon. But, there is certainly a Pokemon that is considered the majority’s favorite. While it is hard to gather the majority of the audience, this Pokemon has certainly done so.

For this article, we will talk about the most popular Pokemon according to fans. This fan favorite Pokemon has been with the franchise since its inception with over a decade of popularity. If you are wondering who the most popular Pokemon is, the answer is the dual-typing Charizard. Truth be told, my favorite Pokemon is Charizard too.

Charizard: The Most Popular Pokémon

An image of Charizard, the Most Popular Pokémon.

It comes as no surprise that the starter Pokémon from Generation I is the most popular Pokemon according to fans. After all, we are all victims of nostalgia and those fond memories keep rushing back when we see this fiery lizard.

The Fire-type and Flying-type dual, Charizard, is the most popular Pokemon according to fans. In 2022 alone, Charizard garnered a total of 240,700 total monthly searches on Google. This number outpaces the number two spot by 100,000. Moreover, the second most searched Pokemon was Gardevoir with 158,400 monthly searches.

Charizard, the Flame Pokemon, is the final evolution of Charmander. This Pokemon debuted in Generation I in the Pokemon Red and Blue games. The very first installment of the Pokemon franchise was a huge success, and it helped Charizard’s bid for popularity.

Not only is Charizard a star in the games, but it is also one of the most popular Pokemon in the anime series. People remember it as one of Ash’s most important Pokemon in the first season of the anime series. Since the anime is also a big hit among audiences, Charizard once again benefitted from its starring role.

Game Freak’s Favorite

It also helps that Charizard is one of Game Freak’s favorites. For example, Game Freak only handed out the prestigious Mega Evolution to some Pokemon out there. However, Charizard not only has a Mega Evolution, but it has two which are Charizard X and Charizard Y.

The base form of Charizard is already sleek and amazing to look at. Thanks to its two Mega Evolutions, the coolness meter of Charizard shot through the roof. Finally, Charizard has a Dragon-Type form which it totally deserves.

If two Mega Evolution forms are not enough, Game Freak handed out a Gigantamax form of Charizard. A Gigantamax form is only handed out to a select few as well. However, Game Freak seems to be milking Charizard’s popularity by handing it out more variations than we can count.

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