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What if we get a Dark and Gritty Pokemon Game?

What if we get a Dark and Gritty Pokemon Game?

    Last Updated on April 7, 2023

The Pokemon Game has been around since the mid-90s, and over the years, it has become a beloved franchise. What if Game Freak threw a curveball that we will never expect?

Game Freak consistently delivers fun, light-hearted adventures where players capture and train cute creatures called Pokemon. The games have been praised for their accessibility and have been enjoyed by players of all ages. 

However, some fans have been wanting a more mature theme. A dark and gritty Pokemon Game that takes the franchise in a new direction.

What a Dark and Gritty Pokemon Game Would Look Like

Image of Pokemon Detective Pikachu

A dark and gritty Pokemon game would likely focus on the seedy underbelly of the Pokemon world. It could feature a plot where players have to confront the harsh reality of being a Pokemon trainer. With themes of animal cruelty, exploitation, and corruption crippling the world of Pokemon.

Instead of a bright and colorful world, the game could feature a more realistic and gritty setting. Perhaps in a dystopian society where the Pokemon are no longer cute and cuddly creatures, but monsters who are feared.

Combat could also be more brutal and realistic, with moves that have a more visceral impact on the Pokemon. The game could also explore darker elements, such as doing a more realistic design that features them as monsters. A darker tone could also open up the possibility of mature themes such as addiction, mental illness, and loss.

The Potential Impact

Image of Pokemon the Movie

A dark and gritty Pokemon game could be a significant departure from what fans expect from the series. However, it could also be a bold move that could attract a new audience to the franchise. 

The current Pokemon gets criticized for being too similar to each other. A new direction could be just what the series needs to stay fresh and relevant.

However, a more mature Pokemon game would also be a significant risk for the franchise. The cute and cuddly creatures have become synonymous with the series. A darker tone could turn off longtime fans who are used to the more light-hearted tone. 

Additionally, the Pokemon franchise has a strong family-friendly brand, and a dark and gritty game could damage that image.

A dark game is an exciting prospect that could breathe new life into the series. It could explore mature themes and take the franchise in a bold new direction. However, it would also be a significant risk that could alienate longtime fans and damage the brand. 

Whether or not we ever see a mature Pokemon Game remains to be seen. However, there is a demand for a darker take on the beloved franchise.

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