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We Need More Indie Developers From Asia

We Need More Indie Developers From Asia

    Last Updated on February 5, 2023

Indie Developers are those that we know and love. I love supporting Indie games as they usually give off the feeling of a breath of fresh air. I do not know but there is something about these games that hits me right in the feels. 

But for some reason, we do not see many Indie Developers, or precisely successful ones, from Asia. As this saddens me to a certain extent, I understand why developing Indie games in the continent is not as prominent as in the other regions. 

Indie Devs are rarely popular, but there are rare cases wherein they take the gaming industry by storm. But I would love it if there are more successful Asian Indie Devs. It will certainly fill me with pride if there is a successful Indie Developer out there that came from Asia. I strongly feel that we should give these developers more of a fighting chance against the industry giants. 

Gamescom Asia 2022 

Indie developers eagerly waited for the first truly post-pandemic Gamescom Asia. They designed the event to bring together game makers and gamers from Southeast Asia and the world. It finally took place from October 10th to 23rd, 2022, at the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore.

Gamescom Asia 2022 gave a platform for Asian Indie Developers to stand on, and I love that they got their chance. However, bringing together the gaming industry and its consumers did not quite work out that well. 

Gamescom canceled and stamped together the public part of the show in an online segment. So Gamescom Asia 2022 again became more of a business event, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t exciting things to see and experience.

PRIMETIME was the inaugural show streamed online and consisted of announcement trailers for more or less well-known indie and AA games. In any case, it was pleasing that the organizers focused much more on Southeast Asia games this time.

Games Presented on PRIMETIME


The announcement of Goi was a surprise, the new game from YYG GAMES from Thailand. The makers of the horror hit Home Sweet Home stayed true to the genre, but Goi takes a much more lighthearted and colorful approach. 

Not much can be said about the gameplay based on a CG trailer in comic graphics, the chase with a zombie strongly suggests survival horror as the game’s genre.


There was plenty of gameplay to see for Cuisineer. The mixture of rogue-lite dungeon crawler and restaurant management. The experienced Battlebrew Productions, the best in Singapore, penned the restaurant management game.  The developers promise chaotically colorful gameplay to make you feel good.

Hexlords: Quantum Warfare

Hexlords: Quantum Warfare, the futuristic PVP strategy game for mobile devices, catapulted itself back into players’ minds. Already on the market for a few years, Tantanmen Studios from Malaysia does not seem to be giving up on the franchise yet and are back with a new trailer.

The event presented more games, but these are the most notable ones. Most of the games focused on mobile gaming. I wish that the developers focus on making games for the PC. 

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