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Top 3 Favorite Pokemon of All Time

Top 3 Favorite Pokemon of All Time

    Last Updated on April 14, 2023

Every Pokemon trainer out there worth his salt has a Favorite Pokemon. No matter what generation, your favorite will always be in your lineup as long as you can catch it. It is something that we cannot deny as true Pokemon trainers. 

While we have favorites for every generation, it is certainly hard to narrow them down to just three.  What is the Favorite Pokemon Picker? There are many websites out there that you can use but this is what I used. It is really fun to find out who my top 3 favorite Pokemon are. 

In this article, I will talk about my Top 3 Favorite Pokemon of All Time and the reasons why they made the list.

3. Alakazam

Image of Pokemon Alakazam

Back when I was playing Fire Red, there was one sneaky little dude that kept dodging me. For the Generation 1 fans out there, you know that I am talking about Abra. Abra’s constant teleporting and rarity kept me curious and wanting. 

I can still remember how much time I spent running through the patch of grass above Cerulean City. While it is definitely hard to catch him, it is significantly harder to level him up. I was lucky that I had a link cable to get Alakazam. I traded my Kadabra to my brother, then he traded it back to me.

All that effort I put in for this spoon-bending wizard was all worth it, and it made me love him even more. Up to this day, he remains my favorite Psychic Pokemon.

2. Luxray

Image of Pokemon Luxray

While Luxray is definitely less rare than Alakazam, his coolness, and strength made me a fan. Playing through the Generation 4 games with Luxray by my side was significantly easier. With his strong stats and amazing moves, he quickly turned into a must-have Pokemon for my team.  

Whenever I see that Luxray is available in any Pokemon game, one spot is always reserved for him. His moves have great coverage, he can easily sweep, and his overall design is awesome. There is no way that you will see me sporting a team without Luxray in it.

1. Charizard

Image of Charizard

Now I know that I might get hate over this, but I cannot help it. The first ever Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Fire Red when I was five years old. Seeing Charizard on the cover, I picked him as my starter Pokemon.

This fiery lizard is the main reason why I fell in love with the Pokemon franchise. Despite having trouble with Brock and Misty, the time spent training with my Charmander was all worth it. I can still remember how amazed I was when it finally evolved into Charizard. 

While I may look like a basic Pokemon fan by picking Charizard as my favorite, I stand by my choice. I am a prisoner of nostalgia but I have no regrets. How about you? What’s your Favorite Pokemon?

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Juan Cesar Torres

College student. Gamer since birth. Learned to read because of Pokémon. Dreams of buying a Nintendo Switch. Always looking for game recommendations (will play anything).


  • Charizard is bad you are dumb bulba for life

  • My favorite pokemon of all time is Eevee and it’s evolutions keep getting more interesting. A pokemon that can become most anything is why I love Eevee. Just can’t wait for even more eeveelutions

    • Isn’t then better ditto??

    • Here’s to hoping Eevee gets a Dragon-Type Eeveelution soon!

  • Personally I prefer Arceus (in the legendary) and the last evolution of the fire starter from diamond and pearl

  • It’s going to raise eyebrows but my fave by far is Raticate.
    Crystal was my first full game (hence Cyndaquil is best starter) and he was my MVP; so much so that he was levels ahead of everyone else. Unfortunately later mechanics has ruined its impact for a team spot but I love it all the same.

    • Typhlosion is part of my Top 5 All-Time!

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