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Riot Games to Publish LoL for SEA in 2023

Riot Games to Publish LoL for SEA in 2023

    Last Updated on December 16, 2022

After a 12— year partnership with Garena, RIOT Games decided to publish their popular games League of Legends and  Teamfight Tactics for Southeast Asia for the first time in the year 2023 onwards. RIOT had already published some of their games in the APAC Region starting with VALORANT and Teamfight Tactics.  Now as part of RIOT’s expansion they have decided to end the partnership with Garena. “Over the past decade, Garena has been instrumental in growing the League community and we’re thankful for their partnership.” — RIOT.  

Along with the announcement is the launch of the account migration. This means players will need to transition their accounts. Why? RIOT will create new servers for League and TFT across SEA. This means that after linking our accounts, we’ll be using the RIOT client and not the Garena client starting on the 6th of January.

Worried about your account progress? Worry not because with this transition RIOT ensures a smooth linking for the transfer. Certain rewards will also be granted to every account that will be linked such as additional missions that reward skins and unlock all the champions released up until Vex. On the start-up of the server, there will also be a welcome event. So if you have multiple accounts, link them all now! Who knows, you might get tons of skins that you wanted the most. 

How do I link my Garena account for migration?

League of Legends migration

Alt text: an image of the Link account button for RIOT  Games

  1. Go to this link
  2. Press the “Start Linking” button. It’ll then redirect you to a Garena log-in page.
  3. Input your login credentials for Garena. It’ll then redirect you to a RIOT account log-in page.
  4. Log in to the RIOT account you want to link your Garena account to. You may also create a new account to connect to.
  5. Follow the instructions that’ll pop up on your screen.
  6. Press “Link Accounts”. Once you are done checking your account details, your account is now officially linked.

Once you are done linking, You’ll be able to receive an email that confirms and verifies that your accounts are now officially linked. Now the waiting game starts. You will only have to wait until the migration is done and until the servers are finished and playable on January 6, 2023.

Once the migration starts the following in-game contents will be transferred. RIOT also advises to not play any matches whilst the migration is ongoing. To know more about the content transferred during migration refer to this list

  • Emotes
  • Skins
  • Champions
  • Tacticians
  • Booms
  • TFT Boards
  • Icons
  • Blue and Orange Essence
  • RP
  • Star Shards
  • Loot inventory

That tackles everything you need to know about the RIOT account migration for Garena accounts. So what are you waiting for? Link your accounts now! This big move by RIOT shows how successful the company is. I hope this paves a new start for the SEA region in being more noticeable and more recognized all over the world.

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