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Overwatch 2 Team Queue Mode: Is it a Failure?

Overwatch 2 Team Queue Mode: Is it a Failure?

    Last Updated on July 31, 2023

In preparation for its big “Invasion” update, Overwatch 2 has introduced a slew of gameplay changes aimed at reigniting fan interest. Among these changes is the debut of the new Team Queue mode. It offers players the chance to form five-stack teams, regardless of skill rating, for an exciting and unique competitive experience. However, despite initial excitement, the mode has faced challenges in gaining popularity. This led players to voice their concerns and demand improvements. In this article, we delve into the underperformance of Overwatch 2 Team Queue Mode. This also includes the player demands for enhancements and the impact of the removal of the Looking for Group feature.

The Underperformance of Team Queue Mode

Many Overwatch 2 players have expressed disappointment with the underperformance of the Team Queue mode. High-profile content creator KarQ brought attention to the lack of matches, revealing that some players have waited for over an hour without success. Reddit discussions agree with this sentiment, with disappointed players stating the low participation in the mode. Speculations have emerged, suggesting that the mode’s lack of benefits might be deterring players, leading to concerns about its longevity.

To revitalize the Team Queue mode, players have put forth a range of suggestions. One popular demand is the introduction of a chosen play day, akin to the popular “Mystery Hero Tuesdays.” Fans believe that it would increase participation and higher match availability. Additionally, players are advocating for the introduction of extra features such as tournaments. Also, clan systems and the return of the LFG system. These additions aim to create a more engaging and rewarding experience for players. All these are in the hopes of potentially attracting more participants to the Team Queue mode.

Acknowledging the Overwatch 2 community, Blizzard has shown a willingness to consider improvements for the future. Aaron Keller, the Game Director, hinted at the possibility of introducing an internal tournament system, a move that could address some of the concerns raised by players. While the exact plans for enhancing Team Queue remain undisclosed, players eagerly await the release of Overwatch 2’s PvE story missions. They are hopeful that these additions will breathe new life into the game. Also, attract more players to the Team Queue mode.

Impact of the Removal of LFG

Impact of the Removal of LFG

The absence of the LFG feature has been identified as a significant factor contributing to the underperformance of Team Queue. Although Blizzard cited social and disruptive behavior issues as reasons for its removal, players believe that keeping LFG would have made the mode more appealing and facilitated team building. The removal of LFG not only affected the functionality of Team Queue but also hindered the potential success of team and tournament modes as a whole.


Overwatch 2’s Team Queue mode has encountered issues in gaining popularity and engaging players. The mode’s underperformance, mixed with the removal of the LFG feature, has posed challenges to its success. However, players’ vocal demands for changes and Blizzard’s consideration of an internal tournament system indicate a commitment to correcting these issues. As the community eagerly awaits the release of Overwatch 2’s PvE story missions, the fate of the Team Queue mode hangs in the balance. Despite mounting controversies, it’s great to see that fans are still hopeful for a revitalized and thriving experience.

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