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Overwatch 2 Players Suspect Favoritism for a Hero this Upcoming Season 6

Overwatch 2 Players Suspect Favoritism for a Hero this Upcoming Season 6

    Last Updated on August 12, 2023

The gaming world is abuzz with anticipation as Season 6 of Overwatch 2 makes its grand entrance. Packed with several exciting additions, this season promises to hook players with its innovative offerings. From awesome PvE missions to great new maps and the introduction of the Flashpoint game mode, the community’s excitement is off the roof. Notably, the Battle Pass system, a hallmark of Overwatch updates, returns to offer players an avenue to unlock a treasure trove of exclusive rewards, including the coveted Legendary skins. That said, Overwatch 2 players feel as if a specific hero is getting special treatment. This is considering the number of notable Legendary skins she got compared to others.

Is Pharah Getting Preferential Treatment?

For devoted Overwatch 2 players, acquiring unique skins is akin to finding hidden treasures. That is even if these visual marvels don’t directly affect the in-game viewpoint. The Season 6 trailer has bestowed players with an excellent glimpse of an array of Legendary skins. This instantly caught the collective eye of the community. Yet, amidst this dazzling ensemble, one particular skin has emerged as a focal point, igniting debates and kindling curiosity.

Keen-eyed Overwatch 2 players were quick to discern a remarkable fact – Pharah, the valorous Hero armed with her rocket launcher, has been awarded not one, not two, but three Legendary skins through the Battle Passes. This fact has left some fans both baffled and confused. A concerned Overwatch fan took to the game’s subreddit to express their concerns. He notes: “With the new Legendary skin in the S6 BP, Pharah has now gotten 3 Legendaries while no other Hero has even gotten 2. What’s going on?”

This sentiment reverberated through the community, with players expressing their bewilderment over the unequal distribution of Legendary skins. Many Heroes, it seems, are yet to receive even a solitary Legendary skin through the Battle Passes. Thus, leaving their devoted followers yearning for a chance to don exclusive cosmetics.

Counterarguments and Speculations

Overwatch 2 players Counterarguments and Speculations

Amidst the chatter, conflicting voices emerged, offering alternative perspectives and even some light-hearted conjectures. Some Overwatch 2 players argue that making skins for Pharah might be simpler than other Heroes. They believe that this potentially is the reason why Pharah skins have a higher frequency of releases. Others, meanwhile have more humorous theories. According to them, the surplus of Pharah skins might be a playful way for the developers to atone for repeatedly showcasing her untimely demise during her ultimate ability in Hero reveals.

However, while the community’s humor and speculation were evident, a prevailing sentiment underscored the unmet expectations surrounding other Heroes’ skin collections. A passionate player lamented, “Honestly, I am forgetting about Baptiste until I see his skin collection. He needs some legendaries like right now!” This sentiment encapsulates the collective longing for fresh cosmetic options for a diverse range of Heroes.

Beyond Skins: Additional Season 6 Content 

While Legendary Skins have taken center stage within the community, it’s crucial to recognize the broader content Season 6 has. The introduction of Illari, the eagerly awaited new Hero, has set the stage for gameplay dynamics to shift. Furthermore, the fine-tuning of Cassidy and Soldier 76 through balance changes underscores the developers’ commitment to delivering a refined and enhanced gameplay experience for all.


As Season 6 of Overwatch 2 unfolds, players find themselves immersed in a flurry of excitement and discussion. Legendary skins, while sparking debates, are just one facet of a complex mosaic of content that this season brings. With fervent discussions surrounding the allocation of skins, players continue to express their passion and expectations. Overwatch 2 players eagerly embrace the addition of Illari and the refined gameplay enhancements. Indeed, the journey through Season 6 is poised to be an excellent one. As we navigate new challenges and revel in unique rewards, let’s watch as the world of Overwatch 2 evolves before our very eyes.

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