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Overwatch 2 Moira DPS: Effective or Not?

Overwatch 2 Moira DPS: Effective or Not?

    Last Updated on July 25, 2023

In the vast and passionate Overwatch community, a divisive topic has emerged: the effectiveness of Overwatch 2 Moira DPS. Players from all corners of the gaming world have shared their perspectives on forums and social media, revealing a stark contrast in opinions. While some advocate for a balanced support approach, others champion Moira’s raw power as a DPS character. This in-depth investigation aims to shed light on the ongoing debate, dissecting the reasons behind these viewpoints and exploring the implications for Overwatch 2 gameplay.

Overwatch 2 Moira’s Design and Role

Let’s get this straight, Moira is a versatile support hero with a primary function to heal her allies. Her Biotic Grasp ability has a dual function, simultaneously healing teammates and dealing damage to enemies. While this may seem like she could fill both support and DPS roles, her true strength lies in her healing skills. By trying to play her as a DPS, players sacrifice her primary purpose, ultimately weakening the team’s overall potential.

Compared to dedicated DPS heroes like Tracer, Soldier: 76, or Ashe, Moira lacks the damage output to make a significant impact on the enemy team. Her Biotic Grasp’s damage is relatively low. Moreover, her Biotic Orb, while offering damage potential, is more effective when used for healing or finishing off low-health enemies. Using her abilities to deal damage compromises her healing output. Thus, making it difficult for the team to sustain itself during crucial team fights.

Moira’s Coalescence, her ultimate ability, is one of the most potent support ultimates in the game. It provides a powerful beam that both heals her allies and damages enemies simultaneously. When used appropriately, Coalescence can turn the tide of a battle, providing essential healing during a team fight. However, when playing Moira as a DPS, players may use her ultimate purely for damage, squandering its primary support function and robbing the team of a crucial lifesaving tool. 

Simply put, Overwatch 2 Moira is specifically designed as a Support character. Not using her the way she was intended to be may prove less effective.

Negative Perception and Team Dynamics

Success in Overwatch 2 revolves around team synergy and composition. A well-balanced team typically includes two healers to ensure the team’s survival during intense encounters. By using Moira as a DPS character, players often disrupt this balance. This leaves the team with a single healer who might struggle to keep everyone alive. A team with limited healing potential is at a severe disadvantage. Enemy compositions that focus on healing reduction or high burst damage can easily overwhelm them.

We cannot stress this enough; Overwatch is a team-focused game. Players are expected to fulfill their chosen roles effectively in order to play competitively let alone win a match. When someone picks Moira as a DPS character, it can lead to frustration among teammates who rely on her healing capabilities. This decision can cause animosity within the team, leading to a breakdown in communication and coordination. Ultimately, team morale and performance suffer as a result.

Again, all evidence points to Overwatch 2 Moira DPS as a novelty and not something that will thrive in-game. Nevertheless, how players use in-game characters solely falls to their discretion. So, what does the community really think of this unconventional hero approach?

Community Perspectives on DPS Moira

Overwatch 2 Moira DPS: Community Perspective

Predictably, players hold diverse opinions regarding the effectiveness of DPS Moira. One daring Reddit user boldly stated, “A Moira who focuses solely on DPS and ignores healing is simply a subpar player.” This sentiment reflects the belief that a skilled Moira should find a harmonious equilibrium between dealing damage and providing healing.

Champions of a balanced support approach assert that Moira’s true potential lies in her ability to offer consistent healing to teammates while also contributing to eliminations. They firmly believe that neglecting Moira’s supportive skills weakens the overall team synergy. On the contrary, some players view Moira as a “raw power” character, placing emphasis on her substantial damage output and healing capacity rather than utility or crowd control.

The debate surrounding DPS Moira has ignited impassioned discussions among players. Supporters of this playstyle maintain that Moira’s supplementary healing, combined with her ability to apply pressure through DPS, fulfills her intended role effectively. They argue that a skilled Moira player can significantly contribute to the team’s success by eliminating key targets while still providing crucial support.

Conversely, opponents contend that Moira’s lack of utility and crowd control may hinder her effectiveness in higher ranks. They argue that solely focusing on damage overlooks the strategic advantages that other support heroes bring to the table.


Yes, experimentation is an important aspect of gaming. However, Overwatch 2 players should understand that some heroes are designed for specific roles. Moira’s design as a support hero makes her unsuitable for a DPS role in competitive play. Choosing Overwatch 2 Moira as a DPS character sacrifices healing potential, disrupts team synergy, and negatively impacts overall team dynamics. To maximize Moira’s potential, players need to embrace her role as a support hero, focusing on healing and contributing to the team’s success in that capacity. Regardless of which side of the argument one supports, it is undeniable that Moira remains a crucial part of the Overwatch 2 experience.

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