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Old vs New: Which Pokemon Generations Are Better?

Old vs New: Which Pokemon Generations Are Better?

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

With 27 years of Pokemon Generations, there is no shortage of the games we know and love. The beloved Pocket Monsters we hold dear in our hearts have already spanned through multiple generations. It is only right that we have our favorites.

Since there are already multiple generations of Pokemon, there will always be room for comparison. Which is the best Pokemon Generation, the newer generations of Pokemon or the ones who turned us on in the franchise?

I would like to think that I am not a slave to nostalgia. Even more, I think modern Pokemon games are great. However, the early games hold a special place in my heart by being my introduction to the series. 

In this article, we will compare the new and old generations by category to give out a more objective comparison of both of them.

Battle Mechanics: First – Mega Evolution Generation

The newer generations of Pokemon gave us multiple variations on the gameplay mechanics. The additions of Mega Evolution, Z Moves, Dynamax, and now Terastralizing gave Pokemon a different sense of how it should be played. But is different always better?

I admit that after some time, Pokemon is due for a change. Why tweak the battling mechanic when it was never an issue in the first place? The Mega Evolutions are cool and amazing, but all the other additions just seem too gimmicky. 

I would have loved Pokemon even more if they just stuck to the Mega Evolutions. Even more, it pained me to see my beloved Pokemon grow strange crystals on their heads. I would also love the older generations with no gimmicks more than the Dynamax and the Terastralize mechanic. 

Pokemon Design: Old Generation

Is it just me or are the Pokemon designs of the older generations better than the new ones? As we all know, Pokemon designs are mostly based on animals or creatures from our world. There are only so many creatures out there that the designers can take inspiration from.

Who can forget the regality and cuteness of the Pokemon of the older generations? Currently, some of the Pokemon of the newer installments just seem too forced or cringe. It seems like the designers have run out of inspiration to draw from.

It is hard to let the designs of Pokemon such as Trubbish, Vanilluxe, Chandelure, and Sinister pass by. They are just literally a trash bag, ice cream cone, chandelier, and a teacup for crying out loud. 

Yes, some of the earlier Pokemon designs also felt uninspired. However, the newer generations have more designs that are just plain boring. 

Gameplay: Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In terms of the overall gameplay, however, I enjoyed the newest installments of the franchise. This includes Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. 

Game Freak finally made a Pokemon game that feels like what Pokemon should be. An open-world game wherein you are not restricted to doing things that makes you a Pokemon trainer. 

The Pokemon-catching mechanic of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the best one so far. The open-world quality of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet felt so refreshing. In this category, the newer generation takes victory.

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