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Most Overrated Video Games Ever

Most Overrated Video Games Ever

    Last Updated on April 22, 2023

We get it. Everyone has their preferences. The games that others treasure dearly may just be run-on-the-mill titles for some. Moreover, the games that you might deem your favorite may be among somebody else’s most overrated video games list. Indeed, the opinions of people can never truly be the same, and that’s the reality of life.

With that said, here are what we believe are the most overrated video games ever. Do not get us wrong. We don’t necessarily think these games are bad. Some of them are genuinely good, or at the very least, passable. We just believe that the praise they are getting is unwarranted and undeserved. And with that out of the way, let us proceed.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Most Overrated Video Games GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) is praised by many as a revolutionary title of its time. However, at least in our opinion, it doesn’t hold a candle to what GTA V managed to accomplish. Its open-world gaming space feels like a shallow recreation of New York. Worse, its art style feels bland and unappealing. As a matter of fact, it looks muted and the character models are pretty outdated even back then.

Do not get us started with the main protagonist, Nikko Belic. While some may find him one of the most interesting characters in the GTA series as a whole, we just see him as a boring crook. His design is unmemorable, his quirks are generic, and his motivations are almost always unclear. Nikko looks like a side character to be honest! That said, there is still fun to be had whenever you play this game. However, you are just better off scouring for another GTA V port instead.

Watch Dogs 2

Most Overrated Video Games Watch Dogs 2

Not that Watch Dogs has released masterpieces, but many see the second game as the best of the bunch. They say that this game is the most fun to play in the series. Well, we strongly disagree with that sentiment. Watch Dogs 2, as lovely as its San Francisco setting may look on paper, is pretty boring and ultimately uninteresting. Even though the map is filled with people and moving cars, the gaming experience it provides is nothing special.

Its single-player campaign can get pretty tiring quickly. The missions feel like a rehash of what you just did a couple of sessions before, just with new environments and enemy types. Furthermore, the driving in Watch Dogs 2 is atrocious. Nothing is grippy, and you’d feel like you are always on ice. In hindsight, the only positive thing we can say about this game is its amazingly good licensed soundtrack.


Image of Master Chief from Halo

You can contribute this may be to the fact that we grew up playing PlayStation games instead of Xbox ones. However, we just can’t buy into the sentiment that Halo is among the best the gaming space has to offer. After personally giving it a go, yes, we did have some fun with it, but how it can hype millions is just way too baffling for us. There is nothing special in it. Just first-person fun and nothing more. We dare say that Master Chief himself isn’t a very compelling character.

Apart from the multiplayer, Halo is just your generic FPS title—just with futuristic tech instead of military-grade ones. The enemy AI is horrendous as well. Is as if they are lining up themselves just for you. That said, we understand that the difficulty can be bumped up, but we still think it can be upgraded. In our humble opinion, you are better off dedicating your time and effort to other FPS franchises. Halo is good, but not great. We personally think that it doesn’t deserve all the praise it is getting.

Do you agree with us? Let us have a healthy discussion about what we think are the most overrated video games in the comment section below. For more articles like this and other gaming-related content, make sure you visit our website and follow our socials.

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