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Microsoft Might Hurt Gamers In Acquisition

Microsoft Might Hurt Gamers In Acquisition

    Last Updated on February 15, 2023

Microsoft might hurt gamers on its road to acquiring Activision-Blizzard. According to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Regulators continue to provide hurdles, preventing the two companies from merging. Also, as a reminder, this is a $68.7 billion deal that leaves people with questions.

However, the right question they should be asking is if this deal hurts gamers. Unfortunately, this deal might and can hurt players worldwide. The merge includes the potential of making the famous Call of Duty franchise exclusive on the Xbox Console.

The Microsoft-Activision Acquisition did receive plenty of roadblocks since January 2022. These roadblocks also include statements from Google, NVIDIA, and a group of gamers. Now, the world knows the deal as the Microsoft Acquisition. 

Why Can the Microsoft Acquisition Hurt Gamers?

No one should overlook the amount of potential that titles like Call of Duty removed from PlayStation consoles and apps. It hurts the market and brings a degree of danger to the developers and publishers.

The UK CMA also suggested decoupling Call of Duty, making it an independent business. However, it restricts them from utilizing Sony’s resources and assets. It can also cripple the solid system that brings games to gamers internationally.

However, Microsoft promises not to make Call of Duty exclusive to the Xbox. It also offered Sony a 10-year agreement, ensuring the title is on PlayStation consoles. But, the UK CMA simply cannot ignore the underlying danger of monopolizing the market.

Even more, assuming Microsoft keeps its word on the 10-year agreement, what happens next? Sony might encounter worse conditions to maintain and sustain their market. As such, the UK CMA continues its investigation to stop this merger.

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