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Is Plants vs Zombies 1 Still a Good Game in 2023?

Is Plants vs Zombies 1 Still a Good Game in 2023?

    Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Did you know that Plants vs Zombies might still be a good game in 2023? Human beings are drawn to things like nostalgia and familiarity in many forms of media. This instinct of identifying with what is comforting extends to recreational things. It is always nice to see an old face or feature than to experience something new.

Please understand that there is nothing wrong with this. Do not be the person that would go around criticizing others and be a gatekeeping killjoy. If none is good about what’s next, don’t blame others for looking back.

If you were on a PC in the past 10 years, then you are aware of the game Plants vs Zombies. When it came out with the PopCap logo, it was an instant classic across the world.

The premise is simple: a multi-lane defense sees you using Plants to take down Zombies. There is some strategy involved as the game gets harder, and other game modes. While there are Plants vs Zombies sequels, how well does the original game hold up in the present?

Plants vs Zombies Overall Design

Plants vs Zombies Art Style

Opening the game in the year 2023 makes you notice the art direction of the game. The developers took a style that became an unexpected hit with many people. It is unfortunate that they discontinued the art style after the first game for mainstream slush. Something about the shiny and uncanny look of the plants, and the cartoon-y grotesque types of zombies, is charming. 

It doesn’t have gore if you don’t count the many disappearing bits of plants and zombies. Less definitely gave the game more players because it’s easy to learn and master. This is a formula that other games should anchor their games more.

Because it is simple, people who never touched the game can play it right away. Don’t forget that complexity is nice too, but Plants vs Zombies proves once again that less is more.

Criticisms and Thoughts

You cannot blame a game for being an old one. After all, a game over 13 years old is always outperformed by newer games. It’s a game that you pick up from time to time to chase away boredom.

There is no live service in it, and that is the best thing to happen to the game. All the Plants and Zombies have matchups with one another. Of course, there is a higher tune for plants because it’s a single-player game.

The post-campaign content sees you go around a garden, and maybe play minigames. This provided a bit more than just the core game and made for high chances of playing again. Plants vs Zombies hit the stride in great game design, and I wish the other installments could capture that. From what I gathered on the other games, they are still trying to recapture it. 

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