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Is Persona 5: Royal on PC Worth It?

Is Persona 5: Royal on PC Worth It?

    Last Updated on June 7, 2023

For better or worse, Atlus is definitely doing its best to squeeze out as much money as it can out of its highly-successful Persona 5 property. And even if you disagree with their tactic, it is clearly working. Today, the Persona 5 brand is perhaps more accessible than ever. It is available on both the current-gen and next-gen gaming consoles already, including PC. On top of that, it also pumped out several spinoffs and a definitive version, called Persona 5: Royal. Clearly, the market for more Persona 5 content is there, and Atlus is more than happy to oblige. 

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People have diverging opinions about Atlus’ countless ports for Persona 5 Royal. On one side, people are happy that the excellent game can now be played on systems other than PlayStation. This means that more people can now experience its brilliant story, characters, music, and gameplay. 

On the other side, meanwhile, some believe that Atlus is running the well dry already. They argue that Atlus is constantly promising more content on each new version when in reality it just wants to compel series fans to purchase the game another time. With that said, is Persona 5 Royal on PC worth it? Or is it just another cash-grab attempt? Read on to find out.

Why People Love Persona 5 Royal in the First Place

To fully understand why porting Persona 5 Royal to PC is a huge thing, we must first recall why people fell in love with the game in the first place. Here are a few factors why Persona 5 Royal became a wide commercial success worldwide:

  • The game is visually stunning, with beautiful graphics and a stylish art style. Everything oozes with style: the menus, the battle commands, and even the dialog. You have to be blind to not at least appreciate the beauty of the art style Atlus chose to employ in this game and the franchise as a whole.
  • The story is engaging and well-paced, with a cast of memorable characters. You will be glued to your seat to find out where the story will end up next every time. Its many twists and turns and excellent character building will keep you invested in all the game’s characters.
  • The music is fantastic, with a soundtrack that will stay with you long after you finish the game. As a matter of fact, an argument can be made that Persona 5 Royal has the best video game soundtrack in recent memory.
  • The gameplay is addictive and challenging, with a variety of ways to approach each battle. Encounters are never boring despite their turn-based nature.
  • The game is long and has a lot of content to explore, making it a great value for your money. Finishing the game can easily take up to 100 hours, and believe us, it will still keep you yearning for more.

Differences Between Persona 5 Royal on PC and Console

Here are a few key differences between Persona 5 Royal on PC and console: 

  • Graphics: The PC version of Persona 5 Royal features higher-resolution graphics than the console version. You can enjoy Persona 5 with higher graphical fidelity than ever before playing on a high-end PC.
  • Performance: Persona 5 Royal PC is more likely to run at a higher frame rate than the console version, especially on high-end PCs. Everything the Phantom Thieves do will appear smoother. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Mods: The PC version of Persona 5 Royal supports mods, which allows players to add new content to the game. Fans of the game and the franchise itself can go all out and have a unique experience playing Persona 5.

Is it Worth it?

There is no denying that Persona 5 Royal PC is the definitive version of the highly-regarded game. If you are looking for the best possible experience with Persona 5 Royal, then the PC version is the way to go. The higher-resolution graphics and better performance will make the game look and feel its best. Additionally, the ability to use mods will allow you to add new content to the game, extending its lifespan even further.

However, if you do not have a powerful PC, or if you are not interested in using mods, then the console version of Persona 5 Royal is still a great option. The game is still visually stunning and the gameplay is still addictive and challenging.

Persona 5 Royal PC Gameplay

Ultimately, the decision of whether to buy the game on PC or console comes down to your personal preferences. However, to answer our original query: “If Persona 5: Royal on PC is worth it,” then the answer is a resounding yes. 

The PC port allows you to experience the game in arguably the best way possible. Everything will appear much crispier and more glorious. Moreover, it also enables you to customize your experience with it however you want using mods. It may not be much for those that have already experienced the game playing on other platforms, but the PC version is definitely better. If you have the money and resources for it, then yes, Persona 5 Royal on PC is worth it.

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  • Persona 5 itself was never ported anywhere. There are not “countless ports” for either copy. There are only the current ports for P5R, and that’s just on current gen platforms. Poor journalism.

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