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Is Final Fantasy 14 Worth it in 2023?

Is Final Fantasy 14 Worth it in 2023?

    Last Updated on July 6, 2023

Since its initial release, Final Fantasy 14 (FF14) has proven to be a game that defies the passage of time. Even years later, it remains a dominant force in the world of online gaming. It remains to captivate both loyal fans and newbies alike. Developed by Square Enix, FF14 has garnered a dedicated following, drawing players into its excellent world, great storytelling, and dynamic gameplay. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Final Fantasy 14 continues to be an exceptional game to play, even in the face of a rapidly changing gaming space. So, is Final Fantasy 14 worth it in 2023? Read on as we answer that.

One of the primary factors contributing to FF14’s enduring appeal is the sheer scale and detail of its vast world. The game presents players with a diverse array of environments. Such ranges from lush forests to sprawling cities, arid deserts to hostile mountain ranges. 

Each zone within this meticulously crafted world immerses players in a visually stunning realm that never fails to reward exploration. The unparalleled attention to detail makes it an absolute delight to simply wander and stumble upon the hidden wonders of Eorzea.

In addition to its visually beautiful world, Final Fantasy 14 boasts a deeply intricate story that rivals the storytelling prowess of some of the best single-player RPGs. The main story quests (MSQs) are crafted with great care. It has memorable characters, dramatic plot twists, and epic moments that leave a lasting impact. The game weaves a complex mixture of politics, wars, and personal journeys. Thus, providing players with a captivating and emotionally charged experience. 

Is Final Fantasy 14 Worth it in 2023: Gameplay

Furthermore, the constant updates and expansions introduce new stories that keep the game’s lore fresh and ever-evolving, ensuring that there’s always something exciting on the horizon for players to look forward to.

FF14’s gameplay seamlessly blends classic MMO systems with unique features, resulting in an engaging and enjoyable experience. The game offers a robust class system that allows players to seamlessly switch between different roles and playstyles. 

Whether you prefer the stoic defender role of a tank, the caring support of a healer, or the significant damage output of a damage dealer, there is a job perfectly suited to your preferences. The combat itself is fast but strategic, requiring players to master their skills and coordinate effectively with allies during challenging encounters.

There Are Still Tons To Do Even After The Main Story

Upon reaching the level cap, Final Fantasy 14 opens up a world of great endgame content for players to sink their teeth into. From hard trials and raids to deep and rewarding systems, the game offers a wealth of activities to indulge in. The raids, in particular, provide thrilling boss battles that demand coordination, skill, and teamwork to conquer. To ensure that players are always engaged, Square Enix regularly introduces new raids and content patches. Thus, ensuring a steady stream of fresh challenges to tackle and conquer.

The Strong and Supportive Community

Final Fantasy 14 prides itself on having a vibrant and inclusive community, which contributes significantly to its enduring excellence. The game promotes a positive and supportive environment, encouraging players to work together, form friendships, and engage in various community events. The player-driven economy and the helpful nature of fellow players create a welcoming atmosphere. It embraces both veterans and new players alike, establishing a sense of belonging and community.


Is Final Fantasy 14 Worth it in 2023: Community

Final Fantasy 14 stands as a shining example of the excellent quality of MMOs. Its vast world, captivating stories, diverse gameplay, robust endgame content, and strong community make it an exceptional game that continues to captivate players years after its initial release. FF14 offers an unforgettable experience that combines breathtaking visuals, compelling narratives, and rewarding gameplay. 

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy 14 is unquestionably a game that still holds up today and remains great to play. It serves as a testament to what a modern MMORPG can achieve. So, if you are searching for a great MMORPG that holds up for years, look no further than FF14. Its enduring legacy and ability to captivate players make it a remarkable gaming experience that should not be missed. 

Yes, Final Fantasy 14 is still worth it in 2023. And perhaps would remain so for the next few years.

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