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Independent Game Developers Must Focus on Asia

Independent Game Developers Must Focus on Asia

    Last Updated on February 26, 2023

Independent game developers should focus more on gamers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. It’s one of the significant opinions floating around every game publisher’s head— the Asian market is wide open.

We see all these indie game devs on either TikTok or YouTube, posting their labors of love online. However, we know most of these games cater to the western market. As one of the gamers in the APAC region, I need independent game devs to understand what I’m saying.

So, here are a bunch of numbers that might interest them. If you’re also a gamer from the Asian market, you know what I’m saying is true.

Independent Game Developers Need to See the Stats

It’s not a lie to say that Asia has more gamers than the rest of the planet. You should also note that there are over 2.5 billion players worldwide, according to Statista. 1.42 billion of those gamers belong to Asia alone. That’s half of the global population of gamers!

Not convinced, are you? Here’s another number for you to ponder. Europe only has 715M gamers, while North America has 285M. Their numbers are not even close to the billion people who want to play games in Asia.

Yes, it’s also true that the Esports representation for Asia falls short compared to the US and Brazil. However, we’re not talking about gamers as pro athletes— we’re talking about gamers at home.

I want more independent game developers to start focusing on games centered around Asian culture. There are hundreds, rather, thousands of cultures that you can get inspiration from. Even more, you can instantly hit the APAC market full of hungry gamers that want to play video games.

Although this is my unfiltered opinion, independent game developers need to start looking at APAC. It’s their gold mine for players who want to experience different genres and worlds. Also, according to Statista, the estimated number of gamers in 2027 for Asia will only increase.

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