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Do You Need Geo Characters in Your Party?

Do You Need Geo Characters in Your Party?

    Last Updated on May 10, 2023

When it comes to character usage and popularity, the element they reside in can play a role in it. Almost every element has something going for them, but what about Geo characters? With minimal discussions regarding Geo characters, are they considered important?

When it comes to this specific element, there is one character that stands above the rest. I am of course referring to the Geo archon himself, Zhongli. He isn’t just the most used Geo character, but also one of the most used characters by a lot of Genshin impact players as a whole. 

With an indestructible shield and an elemental burst that shreds physical resistance, many Zhongli havers put him in many team compositions. He is definitely a must-include for DPS characters that take damage very easily. His shield is so strong, you even forget how to dodge. 

So if the question is do you need Zhongli in your party? The answer is a straight-up yes. But that’s not the focus here; his element is.

Aside from him, Geo characters don’t get that much recognition. I have a theory as to why.

Little Elemental Reactions

First things first, keep in mind that this is my personal opinion based on what I know about the meta. If we’re focusing on the aspect of the meta, this could be because of the lack of elemental reactions present with the Geo element.

As it stands, Genshin Impact’s combat is heavily influenced by elemental reactions. Think of the best and most popular team comps. Almost all of them base their damage on elemental reactions. Pyro characters, while having high pyro damage is a plus, get their damage increased through reactions like “vaporize” and “melt.”

This is what makes Anemo, and Anemo characters, viable choices. Swirl reactions amplify the damage of whatever element they swirl. Pair it with the artifact set Viridescent Venerer, whose effect shreds an enemy’s resistance to whatever element is swirled, and you get bigger reaction damage.

Freeze reactions, on the other hand, come in very handy in keeping enemies in place. Even the newest element, Dendro, gets damage from elemental mastery and reactions. 

But doesn’t Geo have elemental reactions also? Well, it only has one, “crystalize.” While the shield this reaction provides is great, it isn’t really enough to justify its presence. Might as well get a shielder character.

So does that make the element obsolete? No, not at all. 

What Geo Characters have to offer

There is content in Hoyoverse’s game that would necessitate Geo damage or crystalized shields. And when it comes to dealing damage, Geo characters can still get the job done. Mono Geo teams still have a place in Spiral Abyss. 

Noelle is the 4-star Geo character equivalent of Zhongli. Her shield, while not as strong as Zhongli’s, can be built to help your team stay alive, plus extra damage if you have her at C4.

Geo Characters Arataki Itto

Arataki Itto deals crazy Geo damage. Gorou shines well as a support if the entire team consists of Geo due to the effects of his elemental skill and burst. Albedo’s use isn’t just in mono Geo as he’s a great support for both Xiao and Hu Tao.

Ningguang also deals a good amount of Geo damage. This makes her a viable Geo DPS. If you are a Yoimiya or Ayato main, then Yun Jin will be perfect. This is because of her elemental burst, which provides a normal atk boost. This is something Yoimiya and Ayato mains will enjoy.

What’s the verdict?

So to answer the question, do you need Geo characters in your party? The answer isn’t as direct as you’d expect. At the end of the day, you still have the choice to level up and use whoever character you like.

In terms of value, it may look like the element doesn’t have much to offer. If you prioritize elemental reaction damage, Geo won’t give you that. However, if you are a fan of mono Geo, or have shielders in your party, you may find value in Geo resonance.

While not as crazy with reactions compared to the other elements, Geo characters have a lot of things to offer. Some even see them as the dark-horse characters that can take you just as far into the game, if not better.

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