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Ceb: A Major Comeback: A Review

Ceb: A Major Comeback: A Review

    Last Updated on March 25, 2023

Have you heard the story of Ceb? There comes a time in life when a decision is made: Keep going or settle down. This was the premise of Red Bull’s new Dota 2 documentary. Red Bull produces many films and documentaries regarding the figures of their brand.

This latest documentary features one of Dota’s most memorable players. The documentary retells the 2022 Stockholm Major in a tone similar to Valve’s True Sight series.

Tom Newman directs the documentary, who also served the same role in OG’s Road to TI. He also directed a documentary for Gucci and Faceit in a documentary on Dota broadcaster Sheever. A Major Comeback is the unlikely triumph of a player who had moved on from the game they loved. This documentary proves an adage right—One does not simply walk away from Dota 2.

Some Background

Sébastien “Ceb” Debs is a former coach and offlaner on team OG. During his coaching stint, OG gained legendary status after their Manila, Boston, and Kiev Major victories. He then became a player and immortalized the organization by winning back-to-back TIs in 2018 and 2019.

After this, however, the dénouement of OG’s heyday slid into view, as the roster retired. OG took up a new roster to continue contention in the DPC, but it was clear the Ceb’s time had not come to pass.

The direction puts heavy emphasis on the plights and inner conflicts of Ceb towards the Stockholm Major. It was a last-minute decision for Ceb to play as a stand-in, due to visa issues. During this time, the invasion of Russia into Ukraine affected many things.

Of these things, were the visa applications of OG’s captain and coach, who were both Russian. Without much deliberation, both Ceb and Notail stood in as player and coach, respectively.


Image of Ceb

Its greatest flaw is that it ended. Tom Newman’s method of directing showcases a side of Ceb that most are unaware of. Ceb’s life shown in-between tournament sequences is a clear reminder of the sacrifices pro players make.

Most of all, it highlights the difference in experience between Ceb and the newer players of OG. This sterling veteran commanded strong results throughout their run.

OG’s only show of weakness was against BOOM Esports and their UB match versus TSM. Ceb’s ability to ground OG in their turbulent moments was crucial. Despite how he thought of himself, the documentary proves that anyone can achieve glory long after their peak.

This isn’t Ceb’s first time to resurge, because his TI victories were made later in his career as well. Stockholm proved that Ceb still has it in him, despite time’s constant call for him to settle.

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