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Are Video Game Remasters Just Lazy?

Are Video Game Remasters Just Lazy?

    Last Updated on June 3, 2023

With the rise of video game remasters, are game developers just being lazy? The answer is no. It might feel that way after we saw recent class video games receiving remasters and remakes. However, the point of a remaster is to update or enhance a game to match the advancements in gaming software.

That is also the reason why video game remakes and remasters are so popular nowadays. Yet, it does make sense for gamers to suspect that it could be lazy game development. However, you also must remember that there are different reasons why developers remaster games.

What is the Point of Video Game Remasters?

Each game development studio, company, and brand has its reasons and circumstances for making a video game remaster. After all, the factors for each decision vary greatly from sales to audience appeal. In any case, here are some common reasons why there are video game remakes.

  • Reintroducing Classics. We are not joking when we say this might be the number one reason for video game remasters. After all, take Final Fantasy VII as an example. Square Enix knew they must reintroduce one of the best classic games to a new generation of gamers. 
  • Improving Gameplay Mechanics. Even more, some studios and developers might want to reintroduce classics by improving gameplay mechanics. It also allows new and old gamers to have a better gameplay experience than the original game.
  • Enhance Visuals. One thing we cannot deny is a video game remaster experiencing an improvement in visuals. The Resident Evil 4 Remake gave us a good understanding of how a remaster improves a game. After all, video games must constantly match the advancements in gaming software. Otherwise, studios and developers will end up in the dust.
  • Adapting to New Platforms. Speaking of matching advancements in gaming software, they must also adapt to new platforms. Take a look at Final Fantasy 7, which was initially for the PlayStation. Now, there might be a version where you can play on the PlayStation 5.
  • Introducing Additional Content. A few video game remasters might add or remove content. It could also include new additional levels, characters, or clearer storylines that can enhance the gameplay experience. The developers might also add some new game modes, bonus materials, and easter eggs. After all, the goal is to attract both new and returning players.
  • Finance. Look, it’s not a hidden fact that remasters are more cost-effective than creating a new game from scratch. Revisiting an existing game can be less resource-intensive and much easier. It also allows the studio to market and capitalize on nostalgia without the risk of a brand-new game title.
Final Fantasy VII Remake and Video Game Remasters

Are Remasters Lazy?

Overall, the point of a video game remaster is to enhance the gameplay experience to make it easier for new and old players. It is also to ensure the game’s relevance in the ever-evolving video game industry.

As we stated earlier, video game remasters are not lazy. Although there are a few games that may look lazy, many developers remaster a game with utmost care. After all, it is a tedious technical and artistic process to remaster a well-known classic. What do you think?

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