Are Video Game Discs Dying Out?

Are Video Game Discs Dying Out?

    Last Updated on May 26, 2023

The video game industry is a never-ending revolving door. The thing that is the most popular today, may just as easily become irrelevant after a few years. It is constantly evolving and it does not wait for anyone or anything. One of the most significant changes in recent years has been the rise of digital gaming. As more and more gamers opt to purchase games online and just download them whenever they want from their online library, video game discs are now arguably on the verge of dying out.

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In this article, we intend to look at why video game discs are now becoming increasingly irrelevant. Furthermore, we would also dive deep into why gamers prefer digital games and how come there are still others that stick to video game discs. Read on as we answer whether or not physical video game discs are indeed dying out or not.

The Rise of Digital Gaming Spells the Doom for Video Game Discs

There is no doubt that digital gaming is on the rise. Perhaps even more so than video game discs did back in the early days of the gaming industry. Studies show that in 2022, digital game sales accounted for 89.5% of all video game sales in the United States. This is a significant increase from 2012 when digital game sales accounted for just 40% of the market.

It just goes to show that today’s gamers now prefer online purchases rather than personally going to gaming stores or joints to physically order their games. In fact, video game console manufacturers acknowledge that this is now the trend moving forward that they now offer specialized console versions that no longer have disc drives. 

Digital Gaming vs Video Game Discs

Take for example the PS5 Digital Edition. Although it has the same performance capabilities as the traditional PS5, you cannot play physical copies of it. Simply put, you can only play digital games in that PS5 version.

While there is indeed nothing wrong in opting for digital copies rather than physical video game discs, it is worth noting that there is also a dark side to it. Sadly enough, the rise of digital gaming has resulted in a rapid increase in the rate of gaming-focused stores closing for business. This led to countless people suddenly losing jobs and even beloved outlets disappearing forever.

Nevertheless, that is the nature of the industry and it seems clear as day that the future of gaming is digital games.

Why Gamers Prefer Digital Gaming

Here are a few reasons why today’s generation of gamers prefers digital gaming:

  1. It is more convenient. Digital games can be downloaded and played immediately, while physical games require players to go to a store and purchase a disc. Furthermore, gamers no longer need to eject or insert discs every time they want to play their preferred games.
  2. It saves space. It is no secret that having several video game discs in your home could take up a large space. Yes, having a wall of games is cool and all, but it is not space efficient. Meanwhile, digital gaming enables gamers to store hundreds of games in small SSDs or even the cloud.
  3. To take advantage of subscription benefits. Today, there are several subscription services that offer several freebies every month. They can come in the form of free games or in-game benefits and discounts. Those that do not take advantage of the benefits of digital gaming miss out on a lot of things really.
  4. Digital games are often discounted. Digital games are often cheaper than physical copies, especially when they are on sale. Online marketplaces also run several events and sales periods which digital gamers can easily capitalize on. 

Why Some Still Prefer Video Game Discs

Collection of Video Game Discs

Despite the rise of digital gaming, there are still some advantages to owning physical game discs. One advantage is that physical games can be resold, which can save gamers money in the long run. With a physical disc, you own the game outright. You can lend it to friends, sell it, or trade it in.  

Another advantage is that you can access your library of games (as long as you bring them with you) even without an internet connection. This is crucial for gamers who have limited or unreliable internet access.

Last but definitely not least, video game discs are excellent collectors’ items. Some people just enjoy collecting physical video game discs. This can be a fun hobby, and it can also be a way to show off your love of gaming. For gamers, there is just that exhilarating feeling to see several games stacked on top of each other forming a wall, especially if they are all yours.

Final Thoughts

As a gamer myself, I can see both the pros and cons of physical game discs and digital games. On one hand, I like the idea of owning a physical copy of a game. I like being able to see the game case on my shelf, and I like knowing that I can lend the game to a friend or sell it if I no longer want it. 

Meanwhile, there is no denying that digital games are just way more convenient today. They are often cheaper than physical copies and they do not get scratched or destroyed. While you cannot physically touch them, they are yours forever once you bought them.

So, are video game discs dying out? It’s too early to say for sure. However, the trend is clear: digital gaming is on the rise, and video game discs are becoming less popular. That said, whether or not physical game discs will eventually disappear entirely remains to be seen.

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