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5 Essential Esports Jobs Everyone Needs to Know

5 Essential Esports Jobs Everyone Needs to Know

    Last Updated on March 16, 2023

What is an esport without esports jobs? An esport is incomplete without the many people who work in and behind the scenes. These tireless folk work and operate under the power of passion for their game. 

Esports talent provides the essential task of marketing the game beyond the scope of viewers and players. These individuals include prominent community members and former pro players. They make sure the game’s reach is broad and consistent in quality.

Esports talents come from varying regions, languages, and culture included. When people mention a play from an esport, a fan’s first thought is that talent involved in the game. It is their voice and actions that make esport events memorable as much as the fans cheering. 

In truth, there is more than just the on-screen talent going on in an event. Which ones are the essential jobs in esports broadcasts?

Esports Casters

Image of Esports Jobs Casters

These people are the voices of the many plays in your esport. Without formal training, they manage to portray the game and add color to an otherwise plain experience. They are the shout before the cheer when a moment becomes immortalized with their voice. Many people make themselves known on the microphone, but only a few reach cultural status. 

Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski and Nicolas “Tasteless” Plott are Starcraft’s most decorated casting duo in the English language. They represent the best of what casting is with their longevity and consistent quality.

Esports Analysts

Image of Analysts

Understanding a video game is no easy feat to do. So when a group of people comes around to break down a game, they know something we don’t. Analysts study the game to make it understandable to the unaware viewer. 

Though their job isn’t as exciting as the casters, they do see appearances at the casting table. Analyzing a game is not for everyone, as it needs a level of foresight and extrapolation, no matter how unnecessary.

Emily Rand is an Analyst for the LCS, on the analyst desk for almost two years. Even as an up-and-comer, her insight on the desk adds another layer to top-notch analysis. Perhaps we can see our game differently if we become Analysts ourselves.

Tournament Hosts

Image of Esports Jobs Tournament Hosts

Nothing quite puts together a professional event more than a host. They keep the event going and set the tempo of the events from the eyes of the viewers. It is their main responsibility to keep the crowd engaged and to make sure no dead air happens. Good hosts are loved by their community, but great ones involve in the memes of their community. 

James Banks signifies the CS: GO live event broadcasts. He became a titular symbol for the community, seeing stints in multiple majors. His connection to the community is thicker than blood, as his personality hypes up even the most doomer of CS: GO fans. A great host makes sure the events sail like a boat in calm water.

Match Observers

Image of Observers

We don’t want to see our dear readers ignore the importance of the humble Observer. Without the attentive eyes of the esport observer, we won’t be seeing anything. Their dedication to familiarizing the map, foresight, and camerawork help esports become a treat to watch. When all else fails in a broadcast, pray the observer is protected by heaven itself.

Isaac Jimenez or OBS Winston is one of the observers of the Overwatch League. His work, alongside his colleagues, makes Overwatch fun to watch and hype to look at. Appreciate your local esport observer now!

Esports Interviewers

Image of Interviewers Esports Jobs

You ever look at a pro player and go: What is going on inside their head? An acquired skill, interviewing is the only to know the answers we seek. They brave the negative comments of live chat to get us players’ thoughts and mindsets. While they hold a minor role in a broadcast, they sometimes have the responsibility of hyping up a crowd. 

Kaci Aitchison is Dota’s most iconic host, making appearances during The International. Her personality is infectious, and her questions hit the right places. Her pieces in TI’s interview segments give us much insight into players and coaches alike. What would you ask your favorite player?

These are just a few of the most important Esports jobs in the industry. Most of the time, they’re the main faces we see on the scene. We also haven’t mentioned the production crew, artists, and many other teams.

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Jean Salgados

Spent all the years of his college writing for the school newspaper and transitioned to casting Dota 2 games shortly after graduation.

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