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Yangon Galacticos Disqualified from SEA DPC Qualifier

Yangon Galacticos Disqualified from SEA DPC Qualifier

    Last Updated on December 23, 2022

Yangon Galacticos pro-player, Kaung Sett “Ksh” Hein, was allegedly found guilty of scripting. As a result, the organizers disqualified the team from the Closed Qualifier. The players cannot participate in the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) regional league.

The organizer, Epulze, stated that the team’s carry, Ksh, is guilty of scripting. He received a lifetime ban from competing in Epulze events. They also announced the disqualification on their Facebook page.

Scripting is one of the many forms of cheating present in Dota 2. It also appears frequently in other competitive games like CS: GO, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. Scripting means the automation of complex actions in a game.

You can press one button, and the script will do everything for you. It will activate items, abilities, or even control micro-adjustments for you in the game. However, Epulze did not specify what script Ksh used in the game, nor did they state what match he cheated in.

What Happens to Yangon Galacticos?

Yangon Galacticos at the Beach
Via Yangon Galacticos Facebook Page.

The organizers also decided to ban the other players “until further notice” while they extensively investigate. However, Yangon Galacticos countered these accusations by stating that Epulze had not shown hard evidence.

Yangon was about to play in the lower bracket finals of the SEA regional closed qualifiers. Yet, the team got banned without receiving prior notice. They would receive the honor of qualifying for Division II in the 2023 DPC season if they won.

According to Yangon, they did not know about the scripting allegation. They also wanted to investigate to clear the accusation. However, Epulze did not give them a chance to do anything other than accept the ban.

Yangon Galacticos also stated that their team always plays with morality and dignity. Ksh is their rising star, achieving 10K MMR in the SEA region. The pro team will continue to fight for him and fight this “nonsense.”

What Do You Think?

It is unfair to receive an automatic ban without prior notice — especially if the organizers did not present evidence. However, Dota 2 organizers are known for their heavy hand regarding the rules.

Professional Gamers League (PGL) banned 10 Ukrainian and Russian players earlier this week. They were sharing accounts and impersonating players of other teams during the tournament games.

Furthermore, Peruvian player Gianluca “Migi” Mendoza also got banned due to match-fixing. Dreamers Esports removed him from their team.

Dota 2’s software and DPC organizers from different leagues regularly hand out permanent bans. They deliver these bans to either players or entire teams caught doing illegal activities. So, it’s a natural occurrence to see in the professional Dota 2 scene.

What do you think? Was banning Ksh fair? How about the entire Yangon Galacticos team? It is up to you to decide what’s right and wrong by the rules. 

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  • After seeing gameplay video with logs (morph attribute shift),it seems like scripted but
    when looking back to the player point of view, morph saw from the middle lane OB primal beast movements took invi runes and going up for ganks, YG teammates also gave pings, and we cannot ignore that 10k mmr player map awareness also. And most of the morph player always changing attribute shift for nothing (can see other pro players playing styles and trying to outplayed short-clips) and that moment can also be coincidence or he tried to make it outplayed? As far as I know he is Grand master tire morph player. It is not enough to decide with gameplay video clips with logs and also need to consider the player point of views and skills. If that morph is not scripted, Epulze itself is scripted? or making fix match for lower bracket team? Epulze should come out with strong evidence of scripted professionally and yet so far just announcement without evidence. Action should go not only to the player (if scripted) but also the Epulze.
    And Valve shouldn’t let anyhow do by Organizers especially for DPC matches.

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