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Xbox Confirms Exclusive Upcoming Bethesda Games

Xbox Confirms Exclusive Upcoming Bethesda Games

    Last Updated on December 25, 2022

Microsoft responds to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit by announcing exclusivity for upcoming Bethesda games. The FTC announced they were suing the tech giant for gaining control over leading independent game studios. They fear that Microsoft may use this control to harm the competition.

However, Microsoft fought back by publishing a 37-page response. It aims to defend the acquisition of Activision Blizzard while also fighting against the claims made by the FTC. On page six of the document, Microsoft admitted a peculiar statement that has the gaming community curious.

They anticipate making three upcoming Bethesda games exclusive to the Xbox and PC. The statement reads: 

“The Complaint’s reference to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of ZeniMax—a set of gaming studios acquired in 2020 – has no relevance to the current transaction. After that transaction closed, ZeniMax’s first two new games were made exclusive to PlayStation for one-year post-launch. Xbox anticipates that three future titles – all of which are designed to be played primarily alone or in small groups—will be exclusive to Xbox and PCs.”

What are the Upcoming Games?

Bethesda Games
Via Bethesda Game Studios

In the statement, there is a black bar redacting the titles of those games. So, it’s not clear what these Bethesda games might be. However, there are candidates that we can think of for the exclusive. Titles such as Starfield or Redfall might come into play.

Although we suspect those two, Starfield and Redfall are already set to be exclusive on the Xbox and PC. So, we’re a little doubtful if it could be those games. If it were those games, it isn’t worth omitting their names from the response.

That also means the exclusives could be games like Indiana Jones or the Elder Scrolls 6. Overall, we still don’t have sure clues on what these upcoming Bethesda games could be for Microsoft.

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