VCT Pacific Face Off Event

VCT Pacific Face Off Event

    Last Updated on March 23, 2023

VCT Pacific Face Off kicked off the start of the VCT 2023 Pacific League. The Face Off featured the 10 franchised teams from the Pacific League. This is the event wherein they will meet their opponents for the first time.

The Face Off event kicked off on March 22, 2023. Fans got to see their favorite Valorant players as they answered questions from media organizations across the Pacific region.

VCT Pacific will pit 10 of the best teams from the region against each other in 10 weeks of competition. The league will determine which teams will represent the Pacific region on the global stage.

VCT Pacific Franchised Teams

A total of 10 teams from the Pacific region will be participating in the Pacific League. The same ten rosters are present at the Face Off pre-event. Valorant fans will recognize these rosters as the official Riot-partnered teams from the region. 

The participating teams are as follows:

  • ZETA Division (Japan)
  • DetonatioN FocusMe (Japan)
  • Talon Esports (Thailand)
  • T1 (South Korea)
  • Rex Regum Qeon (Philippines/Indonesia)
  • Global Esports (India)
  • Paper Rex (Malaysia/Singapore)
  • Gen.G (South Korea)
  • DRX (South Korea)
  • Team Secret (Philippines)

VCT Pacific Face Off

The event started with an interview with the head of Valorant Esports APAC, Jake Sin. Jake Sin talked about the inception of VCT Pacific and its benefits to the Valorant Esports scene. He also talked about the reasons why they chose the partnered teams for the league.

Face Off also featured a video featuring all you need to know about the VCT Pacific League including format, match schedules, etc. The next feature of the event was the partnered teams themselves.

Popular faces such as PRX Benkai and Team Secret Borkum are present at the event. All teams faced off with their respective opponents in the upcoming opening week. Their members got introduced, and afterward, they had a friendly fist bump with their opponents.

The Face Off also featured an interview segment with representatives of matched-up teams eating spicy food while answering questions. The interview led to funny moments because of the spicy food, and some were tearing up a bit.

The interviewees primarily talked about the biggest challenges for their teams and who the best players were in the league. Overall, the event is full of interviews covering everything about the VCT Pacific League and the teams.

1v1 Me, Bro

Image of the Last One Standing at VCT Pacific Face Off

The 1v1 tournament features a representative for each participating team in the Pacific League. The match format will be a best of 3, but special rules are in place for each match. 

The first setup will see players face off with Jett as the agent for both participants. They are only allowed to use knives as their weapon and they can only use mobility abilities(unlimited use). 

The second setup features both players playing Gekko with no abilities allowed. They are only allowed to use a Sheriff confined in close quarters at Haven’s A Long.

The final setup features both players picking the same agent with all abilities unlocked. This setup saw the likes of Phoenix, Neon, Kay/O, and Gekko as the choice for both players. 

Image of Last Man Standing Champion

GEN.G Meteor was simply too good for everyone. Meteor crashed through everyone from Round 2-9. He won every single match-up to be crowned as the Last One Standing. Stay tuned to the website for more Valorant news like this one. You can also follow us on social media to receive updates about esports and gaming faster.

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