Valorant Pros Not Happy with Game Changers Championship

Valorant Pros Not Happy with Game Changers Championship

    Last Updated on March 21, 2023

The Valorant pros called out Riot Games for the small venue of the Game Changers Championship. Riot announced yesterday, March 20, that they would bring back the VCT Game Changers Championship in 2023.

Game Changers will see eight teams fight for a shot at the championship in Brazil. However, Valorant professionals called out Riot for another thing aside from the venue. The event also holds the same capacity for teams as last year. It also meant that the tournament had only one spot for the home region.

Even more, the venue capacity will only hold 150 people. Version1’s meL tweeted about the venue. They said that, for a once-a-year tournament, the venue and the number of teams are too small.

Riot Games Responds to Valorant Pros

However, Leo Faria, the Global Head of Valorant Esports, responded to the criticisms. He says that the smaller venue is the right move for the tournament. After all, they’re not trying to grow the Game Changers Championship to the size of Masters and Champions.

We want women playing at Masters and Champions.

Leo Faria

Yet, Riot might enact stricter rules due to the wave of bans earlier this year. The bans included players from Game Changers who violated rules and policies. However, that won’t explain the lack of slots or the venue limitations. It just might give us an insight into how Riot would be more stricter than usual.

The Brazilian community also called out Riot for the lack of slots in the home region of Brazil. After all, the tournament will be in Brazil but, out of eight teams, there is only one slot available. Regions like EMEA and NA have more slots than the home region.

That one available slot surprised casters and prominent coaches in Brazil. After all, other regional organizations invested heavily in the women’s scene in Valorant. It’s now a matter of time before Riot responds to this criticism.

Valorant pros will participate in the tournament starting on November 28 until December 3. Stay tuned to the website as we bring you the latest Valorant news. You can also follow us on social media for faster updates on esports and gaming news.

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