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Valorant Patch 6.07 – What You Need to Know

Valorant Patch 6.07 – What You Need to Know

    Last Updated on April 12, 2023

Valorant Patch 6.07 patch notes are now made available by Riot Games. However, there seem to be no significant changes besides the return of Bind.

Although the 6.07 Valorant PBE patch notes didn’t mention it, Riot Games has officially announced Bind will come back. Bind will replace Icebox in the map rotation when the Valorant Patch 6.07 comes along. With its return, Bind will sport major changes as part of its rework.

The Valorant PBE, or Valorant Public Beta Environment, is a game-testing platform. This is where selected players can test new content on upcoming patches that are in development by Riot Games.

Valorant Patch 6.07 PBE Patch Notes

Valorant Patch Announcement on Riot Games


  • Visual Updates to our in-game UI indicators (the yellow and red UI that appear when utility is around you or you are taking/about to take damage).
  • Added animation to our Yellow Directional Indicator.


  • We are currently aware of an issue with mouse-bound PTT settings where those will not work when entering a match.
  • We are currently aware of an issue where displayed names in the Friends Panel might not be functioning correctly.
  • We are currently aware that updates to locale settings may not work.

As you can see in the patch notes, there are no updates that are worth mentioning. There are just a few minor fixes all around but that is all about it. However, the patch notes did say that they are aware of the current issues that bug the game.

While there are no fixes for these issues listed in the patch notes, it is reassuring that Riot is aware of them. Players worldwide have been facing issues with the Push-to-Talk feature when it is bound to the mouse keys.

Some of the other known issues listed in the patch notes are not as important as the others. However, it is nice to know that Riot Games is polishing the game whenever it can. 

Now the patch notes listed two general updates that are neither game-changing nor worth noting. Visual updates to the in-game UI indicators and added animation to the Yellow Directional Indicator are all there is. 

While it looks like it to be a boring day in the office, at least we will get the fan-favorite Bind back. However, it is sad to see Icebox go for the time being, but that is the nature of map rotations.

That is all for this article, get back to grinding your ranks in Valorant while we wait for the return of Bind. If you liked this article, you will surely like tons of other articles like this on our official website

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