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The Rumored Final Fantasy IX Remake – All We Know 

The Rumored Final Fantasy IX Remake – All We Know 

    Last Updated on June 8, 2023

A notable Final Fantasy insider recently went to social media to reawaken the rumors of an upcoming remake of another beloved title. That being Final Fantasy IX. As per the rumors, Final Fantasy IX Remake is in the works, akin to the successful Final Fantasy 7 Remake. That said, no other information regarding the rumored title came to light apart from that. Nevertheless, fans of the franchise and gamers worldwide are more than eager for a Final Fantasy IX Remake. And hearing all these rumors about it finally coming to reality is more than exciting for them I bet.

More Details About Final Fantasy 9 Remake

According to the insider, the “upcoming” FF9 Remake will indeed be as pretty and high-budget-looking as the aforementioned FF7 Remake, but it won’t be as extensive. While FF7 Remake literally remade the classic title (changing battle systems and several integral story parts), FF9 Remake will reportedly be more down to earth. 

However, the insider reiterates that it won’t be a ‘Remaster.’ Square Enix is remaking the beloved title akin to the other remakes that became available recently, such as Resident Evil 4. Not that it will be a horror title. What I mean is that the story and the gameplay will remain similar in most parts, but will be more glorious than ever. While you should still expect some changes from the original, it shouldn’t be as profound as FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy IX Combat

Lucky to turn-based combat system fans, it seems like FF9 Remake will retain the traditional gameplay the Final Fantasy franchise perfected over the years. Expect the return of the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, albeit with a few tweaks.

Lastly, previous rumors say that the FF9 Remake will be a PS5 exclusive. Again, just like FF7 Remake, and its upcoming sequel, FF7 Rebirth. Square Enix’s insistence to keep their blockbuster titles exclusive to Sony’s console heavily implies that the two have a deal of some kind behind the curtains. In fact, many believe that Square Enix is on the verge of being bought out by PlayStation because of this.

Why Final Fantasy 9 Remake Could Become Reality

Here are a few reasons why Square Enix may indeed release an FF9 Remake soon:

  • Fan demand. Final Fantasy IX is a beloved game in the Final Fantasy series, and many fans have been asking for a remake for years. The success of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has only increased the demand for a remake of Final Fantasy IX.
  • The game’s story and characters. Final Fantasy IX has a classic Final Fantasy story and memorable characters. The game’s story is a coming-of-age story that follows Zidane Tribal, a young thief, as he joins a group of rebels on a quest to save the world from an evil emperor. The game’s characters are also well-developed and likable.
  • The game’s world and graphics. Final Fantasy IX’s world is a beautiful and varied one, full of memorable locations like Alexandria, Lindblum, and Burmecia. The game’s graphics are also impressive for their time, and they would benefit greatly from a modern remake.

Overall, there are many reasons why there is a Final Fantasy IX remake. The game is beloved by fans, has a classic story and characters, and a beautiful world. A remake would allow fans to experience this classic game in a new way.

However, there are also some concerns about the remake. Some fans worry that the remake will change too much from the original game. Others, meanwhile, think that the remake will not be able to live up to the high expectations of fans.

Only time will tell if the Final Fantasy IX remake will be a success. However, there is no doubt that there is a lot of potential for this game to be a great success.

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