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The Last of Us PC Receives Negative Feedback

The Last of Us PC Receives Negative Feedback

    Last Updated on March 30, 2023

The Last of Us PC version receives heavy criticism from gamers because of performance issues. Although the widely renowned video game earned the love of its fans, TLOS was put in a bad light. The issues also range from crashes to game optimization.

It left the gamers no choice but to claim the PC version as unplayable. The game is a PC version remake of the 2013 video game wonder, The Last of Us. Naughty Dog developed the game while Sony Computer Entertainment published it.

The sequel, The Last of Us Part II, also won the Game of the Year Award at the 2020 Game Awards. Once the game raised the bar for itself, The Last of Us became an HBO TV Series. It had the second-largest premiere viewership.

Is The Last of Us on PC?

The Last of Us PC Gameplay

Yes, The Last of Us is on the PC. However, it’s not living up to its hype and reputation as one of the best games. After all, the journey of Joel and Elle influenced a generation of story-rich action-adventure games.

Gamers worldwide who heard about the famous title had high expectations for the PC version. Yet, the game only brought performance issues that led to game crashes. It left tons of fans disappointed and speechless.

Well, not entirely speechless. Players took to the review section and continue to vote for the poor performance of the game. Now, on Steam, the Last of Us Part 1 has a “mostly negative” rating.

What are The Last of Us PC Issues?

One of the major disappointments for the players was Sony’s decision to choose Iron Galaxy. After all, The Last of Us is an impressively popular title. Sony’s choice to make Iron Galaxy work on the project instead of Nixxes is questionable.

Gamers know Nixxes for their work as an extremely competent PC porting team. One player described the experience as one of the worst PC ports in gaming history. The player even went as far as to mention to not waste money on the video game.

Another performance issue with the game includes the high CPU and VRAM usage. It also resulted in another disappointing performance even on high-end PCs. However, both Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have not made statements to address these issues.

If the issues remain unresolved, many players warn other fans to think before buying the game. Tons of gamers have also requested refunds because of their disappointment. Stay tuned to the website as we bring your more news about this issue.

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