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IESF 2022 World Esports Championships Concludes

IESF 2022 World Esports Championships Concludes

    Last Updated on December 21, 2022

The International Esports Federation (IESF) ended the 2022 World Esports Championships (WEC). The event was ten days full of competition, interactive programming, and a magnificent closing ceremony in Bali.

The prize pool of $500,000 went to the winners of their six major titles: CS: GO, Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Tekken 7, PUBG Mobile, and eFootball 2023. Over 600 athletes represented 105 countries at the tournament.

The host nation, Indonesia, won three of the seven games. The IESF crowned them the World Esports Champion.

“Congratulations to Indonesia for becoming the World Esports Champion and to all of our medalists. We are extremely grateful to our hospitable host city Bali for sharing IESF’s values of respect, friendship, and unity and supporting our mission to unite, support, and empower the international esports ecosystem. Esports’ growth is unparalleled; together, we have broken barriers and made history!”

– said IESF President Vlad Marinescu while presenting the WE Champion’s Trophy.
Athletes in the International Esports Federation
Taken from the International Esports Federation Facebook Page

How Successful was the Tournament?

It was Indonesia’s passion for esports that fully energized the enthusiastic fans. The competition took nearly 500 hours. It surpassed ten million views and reached more than three million views on TikTok. It also made 185.4 million impressions across all its social media platforms.

The IESF also took important steps in creating more opportunities for women in esports. They crowned Poland as the pioneer CS: GO Tournament champions during the World Esports Championships 2022.

It was the largest and most diverse tournament installment of the WEC in the 14 years of its history. After the tournament, Bali officially turned over its hosting rights to Iași, Romania, for the 2023 WEC.

The WEC 2023 will feature over 800 esports athletes from 130 nations. It aims to start a new generation of esports enthusiasts that will help in growing the World Esports family.

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