Team Secret Impresses VCT LOCK//IN Debut with Huge Upset

Team Secret Impresses VCT LOCK//IN Debut with Huge Upset

    Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Team Secret (TS), sent a message wide and clear to the whole world with their recent performance. This comes as pleasant news to their fans after a string of bad outings in the last VCT seasons. However, the old guard of the Asia Pacific region held their heads high.

The All-Filipino squad, Team Secret, revamped the roster in the offseason. They added young guns and proven players to the fold. Their roster now boasts Dubstep, Jessievash, Borkum, Invy, and Jremy, with Lenne as their sixth man. 

Team Secret faced a tall order going up against Team Liquid (TL). It was also the first round of the Omega Bracket at the VCT//LOCK IN Sao Paulo

Team Liquid showcased a star-studded cast after a roster rebuild in the offseason. Their roster now consists of former Gambit stars such as Nats and Redgar, former Guild Esports player Sayf, and Soulcas & Jamppi. 

Team Secret VCT Debut versus Team Liquid

Team Secret Jessievash

Despite the strong opposition, Team Secret did not falter. Game 1 of the series took place on Icebox. TS took on a commanding lead in the first half 10-2. 

Leading as much as 11-3, Team Liquid woke up and went on a 6-round win streak to close the gap. Team Secret shut down the door on Icebox, taking the next two rounds to win 13-8. 

The second map was Fracture and the same story continued. Team Secret looked poised and crisp in the first half leading 9-3 against TL. However, TS foiled the so-called “9-3” curse when the second half of Fracture came around. 

After leading 9-3 in the first half of Fracture. Team Liquid also put up a 4-0 run to cut the score deficit to 9-7. Just like in the first map, Team Secret is not letting a comeback happen on their watch. 

They went on a 4-0 run themselves to close out the series with a sweep of 2-0 against Team Liquid. 

It was a statement win for Team Secret, who faced a team with former players from Masters: Berlin champs, Team Gambit, in December 2021.

Team Gambit beat them, 2-1 when they faced each other in the playoffs of the VCT Champions Berlin. The series included a match that included a 13-0 rampage against the Pinoy squad.

In the post-game interview, Lee Jeong Hyeon asked Jremy and Borkum what their thoughts were if they saw themselves as underdogs coming into the match. 

To his quick wit, after Jremy told him “Sabihin mo tolongges sila’, Borkum answered, “Jremy said that they were just Team Liquid and we were just Team Solid.”

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