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Talon Announces Partnership Renewal with GBeat

Talon Announces Partnership Renewal with GBeat

    Last Updated on February 22, 2023

Talon, Southeast Asia’s leading esports organization, proudly announces its partnership renewal with GBeat. They are the official partner for Talon’s Arena of Valor (ROV) team.

As a representative for the region, Talon continues to perform at the top of Thailand’s ROV league. They also represented the region in the Arena of Valor International Championship and the Arena of Valor Premier League 2022. Talon is also the Arena World Champion and two-time Pro League champion. 

The partnership with GBeat will help further promote its zero-sugar brand. They also plan to do this by creating co-branded content. Talon will share it on the team’s social media channels in Thailand.

Our players’ success on the field is a testament to their intense focus and commitment to their craft. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with GBeat, which fuels our players to their best performance.

-Sean Zhang

At the same time, Sean Zhang also said they are proud to share this great-tasting product with their fans. He wants the fans to enhance their gaming experience, whether they’re playing or supporting their favorite teams and streamers.

What is GBeat?

GBeat is an energy drink specifically designed for gamers. They also combine passion and innovation while offering a unique taste. It has zero sugar, caffeine from natural resources and high-quality vitamins to meet evolving needs.

For more information about Talon, visit their website or follow their latest updates on Facebook

“@TalonEsportsTH”, YouTube “@TalonesportsTH”, and Instagram “@Talonesports_th”. If you also want to learn more about GBeat, visit their website. You can also follow their pages on Facebook at “G-Beat”, YouTube at “G-BEAT”, and Instagram at “gbeatenergy”.

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