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Square Enix Publisher Sale: Games You Must Try

Square Enix Publisher Sale: Games You Must Try

    Last Updated on March 25, 2023

The Square Enix Publisher sale offers some of the best games that shaped a generation. Although there are tons of games to choose from, we recommend these three titles. After all, these titles might be the ones to grab all of your free time.

Personally, Square Enix has always given outstanding video game titles the time to shine in the spotlight. One of the more known games includes the Final Fantasy franchise, which influenced other Adventure Action-RPG titles.

The sale will run from March 23 until March 27, which gives you two days to decide on what games to buy. Don’t miss this chance because there are discounts as big as 90%.

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy: VII: Reunion

Image of Final Fantasy from Square Enix Publisher Sale

The Final Fantasy franchise undoubtedly influenced a generation of JRPGs. However, there’s something special about Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. It also comes with updated graphics, better game mechanics, and a stunning soundtrack.

In the game, you will follow the story of Zack Fair as he unravels a few dark secrets. It also includes dialogues that will spark some emotions from your heart. However, that’s all we can say without spoiling too much. You’ll have to play the game if you want to know.

NieR: Automata

Image of NieR Automata Gameplay

Once again, NieR: Automata makes it to our list of games you must try. After all, it’s one of those games that are just impressively unique. We rate it with a perfect score of ten because of its strange game mechanic.

The game requires you to have multiple playthroughs because there are multiple endings to the story. However, each rerun will be different from before. It’s a game that you must find the time for if you want to know everything.

Mixed with immersive lore and fantastic gameplay, NieR: Automata is a must-have in your library.


Image of Forspoken Latest Square Enix Game

Lastly, you must try Square Enix’s new title: Forspoken. Although it has mixed reviews, the lore and story of the game require your full attention. You follow the journey of Frey as she gets transported to the cruel world of Athia.

While she looks for a way home, she must face monsters with her newfound powers. However, there will be a guide with you along the way. After all, you can’t have an adventure without a trusted and talkative companion.

So, that’s all the games we have on our list. Check out the Square Enix publisher sale for more titles that might interest you. You can also check out our website for more articles like this one. We write about everything and anything gaming to help gamers worldwide.

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