Split Changes Coming to Patch 6.0 

Split Changes Coming to Patch 6.0 

    Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Split changes are on the horizon. Split is officially coming back to VALORANT, and everyone’s excited. Riot Games has finally revealed that Split is coming back to VALORANT’s competitive queue in Patch 6.0

Alongside its return comes plenty of changes that should shift the way players approach their strategies. Previously, Riot removed Split from the competitive and professional circuit map pool. It was also to make way for the newest map of VALORANT at that time, Pearl.

There were multiple reasons for the map’s removal. From “player sentiment, time since release, past and future planned updates” and more.

Split Changes

Image of Split Changes for A-Site

A-site is the area with the most changes. Riot reworked A-Main to give attackers a better time as they head toward the site. They also removed the walkway at A-Rafters. Now, there will be no sneaky defender hiding there anymore. Furthermore, A-Tower now has a new staircase. Plus, the little garbage can is removed to give the attackers a better chance. 

In the mid area, you can now drop down silently, which should make moving around stealthily way easier. You can no longer jump on top of the mid box to again further reduce the possible places for defenders to hide.

The major change to the B-site is that the B-Rope Pocket corner smoothed out. so this is less of a harsh angle to clear when you enter the site. The removal of the defender’s advantage on the map seems to be the theme throughout the VALORANT. They removed a lot of potential angles, making it easier to check for attacking players.

What Do These Changes Imply?

If these changes will provide the desired effect of Riot, then Split could return to being one of the best maps in VALORANT. In the early days of VALORANT, plenty of players loved this map. However, players also figured that it became a map that was more frustrating than fun.

Riot will remove both Breeze and Bind completely from the competitive and unrated map rotation. This is to compensate for Split returning and the launch of the new map, Lotus.

Elsewhere in the patch, they fixed plenty of bugs. Alongside the fix is a change to how the toggle zoom works. This should reduce any desync issues when your connection is suffering. 

Of course with the start of a new episode comes the ranked reset, so you will have to start grinding to earn your rank once again. 

While the 6.0 patch may be small when it comes to gameplay changes, it of course brings with it a ton of new content. You can expect larger updates and agent tweaks in the coming weeks.

There are plenty of things to be excited about once Split changes patch 6.0 rolls out in the live servers. The plentiful map rotation changes should keep the competitive aspect of VALORANT exciting as all of us will grind the ladder once again. 

That wraps it up for the Split changes article. Patch 6.0 is scheduled to drop on Tuesday, January 10. Make sure to log on to see for yourself the changes that happened to VALORANT.

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