Riot Sends Out a Wave of Bans to VALORANT Game Changers Players

Riot Sends Out a Wave of Bans to VALORANT Game Changers Players

    Last Updated on February 10, 2023

A wave of bans emerges as Riot sanctions one Game Changers professional player for cheating. Riot also banned three others for misconduct and association. Riot said in two separate statements that they gave Alex “Dsylexic” Luong an eight-year ban for cheating.

He cheated in a Riot-sanctioned event in a match against CLG Red last October 2022. His gender eligibility violated the entry requirements for the event. Due to this, Riot banned him from competing in Riot-sanctioned events for eight years.

Even more, his teammate Jennifer “nabiichu” Choe misled the officials regarding Dsylexic’s gender eligibility. She is guilty of association, and Riot punished her with a five-year ban. According to Riot, Dsylexic reached out to nabiichu, who offered to mislead officials by changing his gender into a nonbinary player.

She agreed to help Dsylexic by reinforcing his gender as nonbinary to EQ Cerise and Tournament Officials.

Two More Bans

In another wave of bans, Caroline “carosmacks” Peterson and Megan “LemonOreo” Lai received one-year bans from Riot. The ban does not allow them to participate in Riot-sanctioned events for one year because of misconduct.

carosmacks and LemonOreo shared a discriminating meme in a Discord channel with over 70 users. The meme was also racist, and an anonymous reporter aided the Riot investigation.

Riot Games does not condone any discriminatory acts or behaviors, including those that revolve around race, sex, age, or any other personal characteristic.

– Riot Games

However, they found no instigating or mitigating factors during the investigation. Riot is known for its strong ability to bring the hammer down on any who break their guidelines. It also extends to professional players and many more participants in their events.

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