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Rift Herald: Drive-By Strategy

Rift Herald: Drive-By Strategy

    Last Updated on March 20, 2023

The Rift Herald (RH) is one of the most significant objectives in League of Legends. Professional teams constantly look for ways to acquire it faster without risking too much. After all, they would have to abandon or fight for the objective if the enemy spots them.

Although the second RH won’t be as beneficial as the first, it’s still a priority on the map. However, something rare happened during a professional match in the LCK. It might gain the attention of the Riot devs who will fix it in the coming patches.

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What is the Rift Herald?

Image of Enraged Rift Herald
Illustration from Legends of Runeterra

The Rift Herald is an incredibly strong monster that spawns in the Baron pit. It also spawns at 8:00 with an average level of all champions. If you slay the Rift Herald, it will also drop the Eye of the Herald.

You can use the Eye to summon the RH onto a lane. It will automatically attack enemies and slam into enemy towers. If you summon the RH before the Tower Plates despawn, you can also earn extra gold.

Once you slay the RH, it will respawn after six minutes. You can also fight the Rift Herald a second time to acquire the Eye of the Herald. However, the Eye will despawn if you don’t pick it up.

KT Cuzz Drive-By

Interestingly, we saw one of the most creative ways to grab the Eye. The moment happened during the LCK by professional player KT Cuzz. It also happened 16 minutes into a professional match between KT and DRX.

Although it was a clever strategy, it shocked the casters and Cuzz. He accidentally grabbed the Eye while he used the hexgate to teleport away. After all, he only intended to get away without dying to the entire DRX team.

It left tons of questions for the developers and players alike. After all, many would consider it a bug or glitch that might be unfair in matches. We can only expect that Riot Games will fix it in the coming patches.

Imagine playing a ranked match and you had the chance to stop the enemy team from grabbing the Eye. However, your opponents saw this video and grabbed the opportunity to use this strategy. Wouldn’t that make you uninstall League of Legends?

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