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Reddit Post Leaks Alleged New Dota 2 Items

Reddit Post Leaks Alleged New Dota 2 Items

    Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Dota 2 items make a significant impact in the game, especially on new patches. 7.32d is the fourth patch of Dota version 7.32. So far, the version and its minor patches have lasted over 150 days. TI11 also played on the 7.32c patch. Even more, players have expressed the staleness of the game. However, the release of a new patch is coming.

Many speculate the release of the new version of 7.33 after the conclusion of the China Division 1 league, on February 3, 2023.

While most are anticipating the new patch, and upcoming hero, Muerta. Reddit user kenxocd posted what is considered a leak. The leak also included alleged items that could be part of the next Dota version. But, as of now, there is no telling what most of them do. Here is the post from the website, taken on the 2nd of February by the team:

Dota 2 Items Patch Leak

At first glance, one can make out what these items are in the whole scale of the game. The Samurai Tabi and Hermes Sandals might be potential upgrades for existing boot items. Players say the same thing about the item labeled Lunar Crest, a potential counterpart of Solar Crest. These items might also be part of the main item shop and not part of the neutral items.

Now there are some videos online showcasing the possible benefits of these items, namely the item Harpoon. In the video made by the YouTube channel agem1k, when used by ranged heroes, it makes their projectile pull in targets before going into cooldown. This mechanic could be a crucial pickup for ranged heroes. Especially for characters like Drow Ranger and Sniper, as it could increase their overall DPS. 

Despite the item leaks, you should take it with a grain of salt. The name tags in the files could differ during the actual release. This is a way to prevent leaks like this from occurring, but for now, these are what players could expect after China’s Div 1 league ends. Valve announced the arrival of Muerta’s update in early 2023 during TI11.

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