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Red Bull Wololo 2024 Set on Spanish Castle

Red Bull Wololo 2024 Set on Spanish Castle

    Last Updated on May 4, 2024

Get ready to step back in time with Red Bull Wololo 2024, the Age of Empires esports event that’s bringing medieval history to life this October in Cordoba, Spain. As you mark your calendars for this epic showdown, prepare to witness a tournament that perfectly blends the digital battlegrounds with a real-world castle setting, making Red Bull Wololo 2024 a spectacle like no other.


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Historic Venue

Imagine the clash of virtual armies within the walls of an actual castle. Red Bull Wololo 2024 is set to unfold in the historic Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, a fortress that dates back to the 8th century. This venue isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a living piece of history that echoes the medieval theme of the Age of Empires series, offering an immersive experience for both players and fans.

Tournament Overview

After a brief hiatus, Red Bull Wololo 2024 returns with a vengeance, continuing its tradition of hosting Age of Empires competitions in stunning historical locations. This unique approach has set Red Bull Wololo apart, creating an atmosphere that’s as unforgettable as the gameplay itself.

Red Bull Wololo 2024 has teamed up with AGON by AOC as the Official Monitor Partner, ensuring that every frame of the action is crystal clear. Additionally, Backforce Chairs will provide the competitors with premium seating. Combining comfort with the competitive edge needed to conquer in-game battles.

With a prize pool of $60,000 on the line, Red Bull Wololo 2024 is not just a test of strategy and skill but also a lucrative opportunity for the world’s best players. The event’s main stage will be set in the castle’s courtyard, where the four-day competition will reach its thrilling climax.

Games and Qualifiers

Red Bull Wololo 2024 will feature four games. This includes three from the Age of Empires franchise and one from Age of Mythology. Each game has its own path to the finals. From regional qualifiers in Vietnam for Age of Empires 1 to in-game qualifiers for Age of Empires 2. Ensuring a diverse and competitive field.

Viewership and Legacy

As the most-watched tournament series in Age of Empires esports, Red Bull Wololo has a legacy to uphold. The 2022 edition drew nearly 120,000 peak viewers for the Age of Empires 1 tournament. Agame that has stood the test of time since its release in 1997.


The anticipation for Red Bull Wololo 2024 is building, as it promises to be more than just an esports event. It’s a celebration of history, gaming, and the enduring legacy of the Age of Empires series. Fans and competitors alike are eager to see how this tournament will continue to shape the landscape of Age of Empires esports.

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