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Recent Persona 5 Leaks Hint New Persona Game

Recent Persona 5 Leaks Hint New Persona Game

    Last Updated on May 29, 2023

Haven’t had enough Persona 5 in your system yet? Well, read on as we may have good news for you! A recent leak has hinted at the development of a new Persona 5 spin-off game. The leak comes from Twitter user: @MbKKssTBhz5, who reportedly found that a domain called “P5T.JP” was registered last  May 16, 2023. Interestingly, this domain is registered to Atlus, the Japanese developer of the Persona series.

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Internet sleuths and Persona fans alike quickly dove into the speculation sphere after that. According to them, the domain name “P5T” could be interpreted as “Persona 5 Theatrical” or “Persona 5 Trinity.” These speculated titles could only mean one thing, right? They claim that a new Persona game is one the works. Perhaps another Persona spinoff on the popular 5th entry in the series. Talks of it being a visual novel instead have also notably popped up. 

Interestingly, this development also came on the heels of the newly-released Persona 5 mobile Gacha game exclusive to China, Persona 5: The Phantom X.

There is no other information available about the new game at this time. However, the leak has generated a lot of excitement among Persona fans. The Persona series is one of the most popular JRPG franchises in the world, and a new game would be a major event.

Possible Persona Spinoff

There are a number of possible spin-offs that could be developed based on Persona 5. One possibility is a game that focuses on one of the Phantom Thieves’ Confidants. These are the characters that the protagonist can form relationships with throughout the game. Each Confidant has their own unique story, and a game that focuses on one of these characters could be a great way to explore their backstory and motivations.

Another possibility is putting the focus on Akechi instead of Joker. Seeing as he is the direct counterpart of the game’s protagonist, a game centered around him could just as easily click with fans. Perhaps we can follow his journey to redemption after the events of Persona 5 Royal. That could definitely be interesting.

Finally, it is also possible that the new game will be a completely new story that does not directly connect to the events of Persona 5. This would allow Atlus to create a new cast of characters that do not necessarily relate on a personal level to the main game’s protagonists. However, considering that the rumored new Persona spinoff has the Persona 5 name in it, the setting should stay the same.

No Official Announcement Yet

It is important to note that Atlus has not officially announced any new Persona game. The leak is the only evidence that a new game may be in development. However, Atlus’ recent domain name registration is certainly a strong indication that something is in the works. 

Nevertheless, fans will have to wait for an official announcement from Atlus to learn more. Needless to say, the leak has generated a lot of excitement. It will certainly be interesting to see what Atlus has in store for us. May it be a Persona spinoff game or anything, let us just be glad that we’d have more Persona content on the horizon.

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