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Ranked Queue: Riot Brings LP Changes in Patch 13.4

Ranked Queue: Riot Brings LP Changes in Patch 13.4

    Last Updated on February 20, 2023

The ranked queue in League of Legends brings tons of disappointments. Let’s face it — you also experienced issues climbing up the ranked ladder. However, Riot Games will make some changes to the League Points (LP) system in Patch 13.4.

In a YouTube video, Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon explained the coming changes. They also discussed that players would see an increase in LP gain in the ranked queue. However, it will also impact your LP loss when you lose a match.

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You might have noticed that the average LP gain is small while the LP loss is significantly larger. Hopefully, after Riot releases the patch, we will see a healthier rank improvement. Riot will also release Patch 13.4 for League of Legends on February 23. 

We’re making this change because we’ll have two seasons in ranked this year instead of just one like we used to. (It) doesn’t seem appropriate to stick with the same tunings.

– Riot Meddler, Riot Games

What Might It Do to Ranked Queue?

However, this sudden change in the LP system might impact players’ individual Matchmaking Ratings (MMRs). One day, you might suddenly jump to higher ranks from a low elo and vice versa. It will also help other players reach the rank they deserve much more quickly than before.

Riot Meddler also said a team would monitor the change to their LP system. The team will also make adjustments when necessary to keep players happy. However, it shouldn’t be a concern since most players will reach their desired ranks quicker.

Although these aren’t the only changes coming to this patch, it remains the priority. After all, League of Legends is a highly competitive game. It can also get quite heated and bring out toxicity in people — something Riot should look into soon.

Overall, the ranked queue will become a much healthier place for competitive players to thrive. If you liked this article, read more on our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest esports and gaming news.

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