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Queer Gamers Launch Hogwarts Legacy Alternative

Queer Gamers Launch Hogwarts Legacy Alternative

    Last Updated on February 17, 2023

If you are looking for a Hogwarts Legacy alternative then look no further. A newly launched collection of magic-themed video games and other content from queer creators promises “witchcraft and wizardry without the transphobia, antisemitism, and alt-right grifters.”

Gaming outlet KRITIQAL created the Trans Witches Are Witches gaming bundle in response to Friday’s wide release of the highly acclaimed video game, Hogwarts Legacy. 

The highly anticipated game meets controversy since the developers announced the game more than two years ago. It was controversial due to Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling’s outspoken views on the transgender community, which many have labeled transphobic. 

As the creator of the beloved Harry Potter books, Rowling’s transphobic remarks disappointed plenty of fans. Even though Hogwarts Legacy does not directly affiliate with Rowling, she still indirectly benefitted due to the game’s resemblance to Harry Potter. The game’s release ignited protests and boycotts.

The Trans Witches Are Witches

The Trans Witches Are Witches package includes 69 magic-themed video games. It also includes tabletop games, short stories, zines, soundtracks, and more. The Hogwarts Legacy alternative already offers much more than the mainstream game.

The bundle has a wide variety of creations, from a digital tarot deck titled The Arcade Arcanum to a 3D skateboarding game called Magic Trick. There are multiple games involving magical schools and young wizards, like Wizard School Woes and Lotus: The Self-Made Witch. Many of the games are explicitly about transgender experiences, using fantasy settings as a backdrop. 

In addition to video games, there are also many tabletop games in the bundle. Thus, it is better to play them with a small group or even solo, with only a quick setup and a short session.

You can purchase the bundle for $60 which is more or less the same price as Hogwarts Legacy. The bundle raised more than $120,000 as of Tuesday afternoon. A lower-price Apprentice Edition bundle, which includes 66 items for $10, raised an additional $15,000.

You can purchase both bundles on until Feb. 24. The proceeds spread evenly among the dozens of LGBTQ creators involved, according to the organizers of the bundles. 

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