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Pokemon Go New Event Bugs Out

Pokemon Go New Event Bugs Out

    Last Updated on April 14, 2023

The newest event of Pokemon Go just rolled out this April 13. “A Mystic Hero” is the name of this event that features a new Special Research Story. Those who complete the story will receive one Lapras with Blanche-themed accessories. 

While the event got players excited to join in on the fun, there seems to be a mishap on Niantic’s part. Joe Merrick of tweeted that players encountered an error when they reach a certain part of the Special Research.

Pokemon Go’s Player Base Outrage

Pokemon Go Event Feedback

Joe Merrick tweeted, “So it seems Niantic forgot to put the asset in for the new Lapras outfit into the game, so when you get to the part of the Special Research, it errors and doesn’t display anything, so you need to reboot the game. Get it together Niantic, the event is live. You knew it was coming.”

The “A Mystic Hero” event will last until April 17 giving Niantic ample time to fix this issue. While they can fix the buggy event, their relationship with the fans will be harder to mend. This mistake by Niantic is unacceptable and it is frustrating for fans and newcomers alike. 

Earlier this month, Niantic made a major change to the way Remote Raids work in Pokemon Go. That change to Remote Raids already led to fans voicing out their disappointment, and this bug won’t help. 

If this trend goes on, Niantic will find it hard to retain its player base. The Pokemon Go community already lost significant numbers in recent years. Niantic should finally get something right if they still want to keep the game alive.

In addition to the special Lapras in the event, players will receive double XP for evolving Pokemon. There will be two guaranteed Candy XL for evolving a Pokemon, and all Lure Modules will work for three hours. If you don’t mind the Special Research Story bugging out, you can still enjoy the benefits the event brings. 

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