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Pokemon GO Nerfs Shiny Rate From Remote Raids

Pokemon GO Nerfs Shiny Rate From Remote Raids

    Last Updated on June 6, 2023

The percentage for Pokemon GO players to encounter Shiny Pokemon, or the Shiny Rate, received a massive nerf. It also means a significant decrease in chance encounters for players to spot the rare Pokemon. It’s also no wonder why the community is in outrage.

After all, Shiny Pokemon are the most sought-after Pokemon in the franchise. They are the rarest Pokemon, and catching one is a big deal in the community. Although it’s just a Pokemon with an altered appearance, fans want more of them. So, why did they nerf the Shiny Rate?

Why Did Niantic Nerf the Shiny Rate? 

So far, Niantic did not release a comment about the Shiny Rate nerfs from the recent Remote Raids. However, a report from the Japanese website, 9db, indicated a significant drop in encounter rates. It is also worth noting that this happened during the Azelf and Mesprit raids.

Although many claim that it could just be bad RNG (Random Number Generators), the reports say otherwise. After all, Niantic implemented a string of nerfs for Pokemon GO Remote Raids. Yet, there was a buff earlier. However, it remains clear that the community is not taking the Shiny Rate nerfs well.

Players even went as far as to bring the discussion on Reddit and voice out their complaints. After all, Niantic did make the Remote Raid Passes more expensive and lessen the rewards. So, what is the point of nerfing Shiny Rates?

r/Orange-Pete on Reddit

There could be many reasons why they decided to nerf finding Shiny Pokemon in Remote Raids. However, the major reason why is that Niantic wants players to go outside and look for the Pokemon. User r/KiwiExtremo laid out the obvious facts well enough in his message:

r/KiwiExtrom on Reddit

What Could This Mean for Remote Raid Players?

Remote Raids are a great way to play Pokemon GO. However, the recent string of nerfs indicates that Niantic wants players to go out and explore. Yet, the fact remains that it could only make the community more frustrated. After all, they are paying players who expect to receive their money’s worth. Allowing the community a better chance to catch Shiny Pokemon is one way to do that.

Shiny Pokemon from Original Pokemon Games

It also means that there will be more cases of cheating. The community did respond to the Shiny Rate Nerf as encouraging cheaters to cheat more. Players also went as far as saying that going out to explore Pokemon GO goes hand-in-hand with cheating.

Overall, Niantic should take careful steps as there are players calling to boycott the game. The hours of grinding and finally catching a Shiny Pokemon is something the company should realize. After all, it’s one of the main selling points of the game.

However, they also launched the latest season if you’re a player and you’re not planning to boycott Pokemon GO. It’s called the Season of Hidden Fates, which will lead into a season of Pokemon GO Fest events. Although we don’t know much about the season, reports indicate the appearance of Diancie — a Mythical Pokemon.

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