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Persona 6 Release Date Rumored for 2024

Persona 6 Release Date Rumored for 2024

    Last Updated on June 8, 2023

Did you know that it’s already almost 7 years since the original Persona 5 became available? Damn, that made me feel old! Anyways, we can all agree that the time is nigh for a new mainline Persona franchise entrant to release. Yes, Persona 5 was a revolutionary game in every sense of the word. But, we had enough of it already. And to be honest, we are slowly souring in it already because of how much Atlus wants to milk it. We deserve a new mainline game to the Persona series, and thankfully, it does seem like we won’t have to wait long for such. Rumors from reputable sources say that a Persona 6 release date is set for next year.

Persona 6 Rumors

It falls within our responsibility to remind you that these are just rumors as of date. While a Persona 6 game does feel inevitable, Atlus and SEGA still to confirm its existence, let alone its development. Nevertheless, a reputable Persona insider, who goes by the handle: “Nate the Hate,” says that the Persona 6 release date will be in late 2024. Furthermore, the insider also notes that Atlus is on the verge of unveiling it to the public along with the rumored Persona 3 Remake.

So far, all these are still plausible. After all, Atlus itself promised that more reveals about their upcoming games and projects are set to come in 2023. Mind you, we are still at the halfway mark of the year. There is still ample time for the Persona developers to drop the bombshell everyone is waiting for. If not a Persona 6 release date, maybe just more news about it. Heck! We’ll even be contented by a 15-30 second teaser!

What Fans Expect From Persona 6

Here are some of the fans’ expectations for Persona 6:

  • The game will feature a new story that explores the themes of identity, self-discovery, and overcoming adversity.
  • Unlike Persona 5, fans are looking to go back to rural Japan with Persona 6. Perhaps like Persona 4’s Inaba. A more secluded setting, away from busy life.
  • A more intimate story that manages to tackle mature or dark themes while still being approachable to younger audiences.
  • The first dedicated female protagonist after Persona 2. Although Persona 3 Portable gave players the chance to play as a female protagonist, fans expect Persona 6 to have its main character set as a female.

Final Words

If the rumors are true, Persona 6 will be the first Persona game to be released on the PS5. The PS5 is a powerful console that will allow Atlus to push the graphical and gameplay boundaries of the Persona franchise. Persona 6 is sure to be a critical and commercial success, and it is sure to be one of the most anticipated games of 2024. 

Only time will tell if Persona 6 will live up to the high expectations of fans. However, with Atlus’ track record and the talented team working on the game, there is no reason to think that it won’t be a masterpiece.

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