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Perfect World Bans Chinese Players for Cheating

Perfect World Bans Chinese Players for Cheating

    Last Updated on March 10, 2023

Perfect World released a post on their official Weibo and Twitter accounts showing a list of banned Chinese players. The banned players received the penalty for violating fair play and esports integrity during the Chinese Winter DPC. 

The statement from Perfect World doesn’t portray the full story, but it serves as a conclusion for the calls for an investigation. This announcement came nearly a month after the first allegations came up.

The probable story behind the bans had to do with suspicious behavior from two Chinese Div 1 teams. Community members asked that Valve and Perfect World look into players of both Knights and EHOME. 

Allegations of using vision hacks and losing on purpose for big betting odds became the main story. Community members started investigating on their own, and they reached a collective consensus.

These two Chinese teams picked up a notoriety for allegedly winning and losing on purpose for profit. When these teams ended up qualifying for the Lima Major, the suspicions reached a boiling point. 

Who Did Perfect World Ban?

The players in the first image above are penalized with lifetime bans from PW and Valve events for violations. Players on the second page are subject to suspensions only, allegedly benefitting but not involved in the violations stated.

Two teams from the Lima Major participants had their players banned. All players from Knights and EHOME have their careers ended effective immediately. Other players from different teams also received bans, but not entire squads. 

The community commended Valve for the execution of this ban wave of players. Though the career termination and suspension of 40+ players from Valve events are regrettable, it shows that Valve cares. 

Valve always had a hands-off approach when it comes to addressing player and team controversies. So far, only a couple dozen players are banned for life since the beginning of the Dota 2 pro scene.

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