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NVIDIA Upgrades Mid-Range Gaming Chip Using AI Technology

NVIDIA Upgrades Mid-Range Gaming Chip Using AI Technology

    Last Updated on April 15, 2023

This Wednesday, April 12, 2023, Nvidia reiterates its focus on delivering an excellent gaming experience. But even more impressively, it successfully gave another example of how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can revolutionize the gaming space. The world-renowned GPU manufacturer purportedly upgraded one of its mid-tier gaming chips’ graphical fidelity using none other than AI.

The AI Feature of the New RTX 4070

The upgraded chip in question, the RTX 4070 chip, started shipping this past Thursday with a price tag of $599. It is the next powerful chip to the RTX 3060—arguably Nvidia’s most-popular chip to date. 4070’s built-in AI addition allows it to predict how about seven out of every eight pixels should appear. This is a much faster method than the previous one which tries to accurately calculate the value of every single pixel. Better yet, the AI in the 4070 chips also enables the generation of brand-new frames.

Nvidia’s chips are well-known for rendering images of PC games to high-resolution screens much faster than its contemporaries. This not only makes the graphics of such games much more realistic, but they also appear crispier and fancier. Take note that the new RTX 4070 does just that plus the aforementioned AI technology.

A Positive Change in a Tumultuous Period

This move by Nvidia is seen by many as a way of patching up its losses, particularly in the PC market sector. While Nvidia’s overall gaming figures are on the downswing for quite a while now, all things point to its sagging PC market as the principal offender as to why the manufacturer is in a tumultuous period right now. 

Nevertheless, thanks to the ever-increasing interest in AI, particularly in technologies such as ChatGPT, Nvidia managed to patch things up right. Although gaming revenue was down 27%, it still managed to scrounge up $26.9 billion in fiscal 2023 revenue. Notably, 33% of it is specifically credited to GPU chips, such as the aforementioned RTX 4070.


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