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Niantic Buffs Remote Raids in Pokemon GO

Niantic Buffs Remote Raids in Pokemon GO

    Last Updated on June 3, 2023

The Pokemon GO Remote Raids have been a topic of controversy in recent weeks thanks to Niantic’s own doing. Niantic made a very wrong move that caused a public outrage from its players. However, it seems that Niantic is doing something to make amends.

On March 30, 2023, Niantic officially revealed the changes that include a limit on how many Remote Raid Passes you can use daily and a steep increase in cost. Fans took to social media to voice out their concerns and disappointment about this change.

The Remote Raids passes almost doubled up in price and the players wholeheartedly disagreed with that change. Remote Raids are something that Niantic should not nerf from the game because it offers players convenience. In addition, it also helps players to help their friends in a raid when they are apart from each other.

To make things right again, Niantic quietly buffed the Remote Raids. Avid Pokemon GO fans spotted this change, and it has come to the attention of the community afterward.

Niantic Quietly Buffed Remote Raids

An image of Remote Raids Passes

The buff to Remote Raids is a significant change that will make it easier for players to complete Raids from home. This is a major boon for players who cannot or choose not to play in person, and it is sure to make Remote Raids more popular.

This change also means that players will now be able to use their Remote Raid Passes more effectively. In the past, players who used Remote Passes were at a disadvantage, as their Pokemon would deal less damage. This made it more difficult to complete Raids, and it discouraged some players from using Remote Raid Passes altogether.

With the buff, players will now be able to use Remote Passes to complete them just as effectively as they could if they were playing in person. This is a major improvement, and it is sure to make these Passes more valuable.

Thankfully, they did something to soften the blow. Look at the bottom of the official Hidden Gems update page under the ‘Seasonal bonuses’ section. Once you find it, there is something that looks like a glimmer of hope.

The text in the update reads: “Previously a temporary Seasonal bonus, the damage dealt by Pokémon participating remotely will be permanently increased to the same amount of damage dealt by Pokémon participating in-person.”

The buff to Remote Raids is a welcome change, and it is sure to be popular with players who have been frustrated with the previous system. It will make it more accessible and more rewarding, and it will encourage more players to participate in them.

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