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New Valve Listing Makes Fans Excited

New Valve Listing Makes Fans Excited

    Last Updated on January 6, 2023

A new listing by Valve has fans speculating about another Half-Life game. Players were quick to spot a “Valve Event Upload” in the Steam database. It also contained a config file — a file only Valve can add.

It could indicate a sale, but Tyler McVicker says it’s something different. He is formerly from the Valve News Network and says it’s specifically something for bigger releases. This news has driven fans into a frenzy with theories and speculations.

Some also believe this new listing might be a new Half-Life or Left 4 Dead game. Other fans even went as far as begging Valve for Orange Box 2. However, we all know how this specific developer keeps a tight lid on their secrets.

Yet, Tyler also said changes were happening in CS: GO when the listing appeared. It indicates that you can potentially link the two. It could also be the Neon Prime speculation a while ago. However, we might end up going in circles by chasing our tails.

What Could This Mean for Valve?

Valve Left 4 Dead

For a few years, there were a few leaks regarding a project by Valve. The code name for the project is Citadel. Plenty of players believe that it is a reference to Half-Life 2’s Citadel. It’s where Dr. Breen hangs his head after a long day of fascism.

Even more, there are rumors that it could be a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game. However, just like all Half-Life rumors, it turned out to be a bust. We will have to wait and see for Valve’s announcement of this new listing.

We would like to remind every player that Valve has plans. Whatever it is, this listing did excite plenty of gamers who are hardcore Half-Life fans. We can only speculate whether this listing is Half-Life 3 or not. You’ll have to wait a little bit more to see if we can start swinging crowbars at headcrabs once more.

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