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Most Used Heroes in Div 1 SEA

Most Used Heroes in Div 1 SEA

    Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Who are the most used heroes in the SEA DPC Division 1? With the Division 1 Winter Tours over, it is time to look back. In the SEA region, upsets were made, and new teams saw prominence. Execration, Geek Slate, and Talon qualify for the Winter Major, and Fnatic and BOOM and relegated. SEA Div 1 saw 73 official games, and here are the hero stats throughout this regional league.

Top Picks: The Most Used Heroes

Teams want to win their games with heroes that work. The hero at the top in terms of picks is no other than Rubick. His kit always benefits the team that picks him up. It also helps that his ultimate is a direct counter to the contested heroes of this period. No cast time for stolen spells and more cast range than all heroes help him achieve results without committing.

The next top picks were Tiny, Tusk, Mirana, and Nature’s Prophet. The utility and initiation a team can have with these heroes are understated. Tusk saw prominence after TI11 due to Tundra’s midlaner, Nine, playing it as Mid. Tiny always has a place in competitive Dota due to his solid initiation and damage. Mirana combined with a set-up hero like Riki allows for guaranteed arrow connections for easy kills. NP is simply a mobile hero that benefits from the fast-paced meta prevalent today.

Contested Pick and Ban

At the beginning of the DPC league, the contested heroes were unexpected. In all regions except EEU, Lina is the most contested hero in the Winter Tour. In the SEA, her pick-ban rate is at 95.89%, with the next being Ember Spirit at 91.78%. Teams value the Lina picks due to her passive. With high attack speed, Lina is reliable as a physical carry, while putting up decent magic numbers. This is the case for Lina in general, but teams have caught on with the Rubick counter.

Batrider is the most banned hero at 65.75%, with Lina right behind him. The hero is a historically good pick, with good mana-for-damage numbers. His initiation in Flaming Lasso is crucial for ganks and his kit can disrupt movement with reliability. Ember Spirit is in-between them, as SEA teams favor his mobility and damage. The movement-disabling potential of Ember is great, especially with items like Gleipnir.

Ignored Heroes

In the SEA region only, 27 heroes went unpicked. Even more, 42 heroes went unbanned. Due to this, combining them, 23 heroes went unbanned and unpicked. There are also many reasons why there are many no-interest heroes. The first reason is the total number of games played. With games come more avenues to get niche picks. TI11 with its 231 games saw only 8 heroes with no picks and bans.

The second reason would be they don’t have a place in the current meta. Picks need to be online earlier and easier in this current meta. Most of the heroes in this category have the pace, but they don’t necessarily have reliable sustainability.

Lina, Batrider, and even Rubick would still carry more effectiveness over most of the unpicked and unbanned hero pool. Farm, burst, and steamroll are the names of the game, and this pool of heroes cannot deliver.

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