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Lima Major Group Stage Revealed

Lima Major Group Stage Revealed

    Last Updated on February 19, 2023

Epulze, one of the organizers of the upcoming Lima Major, unveiled the group stage brackets. Their twitch stream of the draw featured Marco “Blue” Espinoza and Alvaro ‘AvoPlus” Sanchez Velasco translating into English. 

The draw itself lasted for about 15 minutes. Even more, Blue explains how they determine draws.

They determine the draws by the 1st and 3rd seeds from the regions. Every draw also alternates between both brackets. Each region will draw from the 1st seed first, with their corresponding 2nd seed going to the other bracket. 

Drawn first, Execration went to group A, which placed Geek Slate in group B. Team Liquid was next to get picked for group B, and Gaimin Gladiators were placed in group A.

Lima Major 3rd Draw

The third draw saw TSM in group A, while Shopify Rebellion was in the group B bracket. South America’s Beastcoast is competing in group B, and newly-reformed Evil Geniuses are fighting in group A. 

China’s top seed PSG.LGD is under group A, and Team Aster is under group B. This leaves BetBoom and Team Spirit who are assigned to groups B and A, respectively.

The third and fourth seeds are dealt with in another manner. For EEU and SEA, they will be in different groups, meaning Talon Esports are in A, and Hellraisers are in the B group. For WEU and China which have 4 teams, the third seed of one region will join the fourth seed of the other in the same group. Tundra Esports grouped up with EHOME in group A, which also means Knights are going with Entity Gaming in bracket B.

Lima Major Brackets
Via Liquipedia

It is a split decision from the community on which bracket is the death bracket. With the bracket ruling, there is an equal amount of strength in both brackets. However, it will all come down to which team has a better understanding of the current patch.

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