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Left 4 Dead 3 in Counter Strike 2 Files

Left 4 Dead 3 in Counter Strike 2 Files

    Last Updated on March 27, 2023

There might be a Left 4 Dead 3 reference in Counter-Strike 2. Gamers are tedious because they make the most resilient investigators. You can also find them often diving into the files of various video game titles to mine their secrets.

Undoubtedly, that is what happened to Reddit user u/PaP3s as he found gold. He posted a screenshot on the Steam subreddit, r/Steam. The screenshot showed a piece of code he got located in the Counter-Strike 2 files.

You can see on the image the code titled Left4Dead3 before lines of other codes. However, this left fans excited. After all, the Left 4 Dead franchise hasn’t made any noise since its last update. What could this mean for us gamers worldwide?

Will there be a Left 4 Dead 3?

Unfortunately, it’s also not the first time for us with these kinds of rumors. After all, fans are on edge, anticipating the return of the zombie co-op shooter. Yet, it is no secret that Left 4 Dead 3 was in development.

Valve made the decision a while back to abandon the project. They also included in that decision to return when Source 2 was ready. Yet, you should take this rumor with a grain of salt. It could only be a rumor or a stunt to attract fans to the release of Counter-Strike 2.

After all, you can also see in the code that it is NOT a priority (Priority = None). The line also gave us quite a chuckle, referencing that the project is not in the works. Even more, Valve’s official opinion is that they are not currently developing a new sequel to the franchise. After all, they focused on the Steam Deck and other virtual world experiences, like Half-Life Alyx.

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